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The UK: Now Set on a New Course! — 6 Comments

  1. HMS Brexit is facing VERY choppy waters in the short term. However, she can sail on to a bold new destination with fantastic opportunity and prosperity we can’t even imagine,IF we allow Almighty God to guide us and steer the ship into the future. MAKE NO MlSTAKE ABOUT THIS.  Brexit CANNOT, WILL NOT work unless we do it GOD’S WAY. We must all realize and accept it.  It’s no good Boris or the government congratulating themselves on a job well done. GOD gave us the referendum after many years of politicians telling us there would NEVER be one. It was GOD who gave us victory against ALL the odds. It was GOD who overcame evil politicians who tried to overturn the democratic will of the majority. HE got rid of Theresa May and gave us BoJo.
    We can only hope that the government of Gt Britain and Northern Ireland can be trusted to do what God put them there to do. I emphasize the word IF. A very small word, but a very big meaning. IF,IF,IF Boris, his government AND the country will trust GOD to lead, guide and steer the ship from now on, we WILL have the success and prosperity we crave. If we DON’T, Brexit WILL FAIL and the nation WILL FALL.
    I hope and pray that we will do the right thing. In Jesus’s Name.

  2. The ship is Britannia and what does Britannia do but RULE the waves!!!

    I see her sails filled and her bow charging forth at great pace. She(the UK)has been restored, redeemed and set on course(alignment)with God. Hallelujah Jesus Christ, amen ✡️

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