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    Importantly :
    “In Veronica’s “A Word for the Land of Wales” we see ;

    The Stump : “ “There is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, ……..Though the root thereof wax old in the earth,
    Mature Sycamores are very deep rooted. In my experience to be successful in the removal of saplings you need to do it before they are a foot high. Otherwise you need to dig them out. When cut they quickly regenerate growing at least 2 feet in a year. (the stump of DJT will sprout again in the gap!)

    The Leaves : “And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations.””
    The majority of maple tree species (aceraceae) have opposite, PALMATE leaves with FIVE prominent points or lobes.
    PALMATE means hand like. God’s hand is here! (despite destruction)
    FIVE is the bible numeric for GRACE. (the word Grace itself has got 5 letters!)
    A representation of the HAND of God’s GRACE.

    Further, this iconic tree stood close to Hadrians Wall. In the past this ancient wall acted as a DIVISION both militarily and culturally. However from its proximity you can see that the branches, carrying leaves, would have stretched both sides of this division thus acting as a bridge. Division shall be healed.

    Permission to share granted.


    Sycamore: (Maple)
    Origin: “ A native of central and southern Europe, the sycamore, Acer pseudoplatanus, is a non-native deciduous tree of Ireland and Britain. Possibly brought over by the Romans, either with intention of use or accidently.  Although a non-native tree, the sycamore has proved to be an exceptional coloniser.” (What a parallel – the Romans were an all conquering coloniser)
    Most years, sycamores produce seed in great numbers. Most of the seeds are viable and sycamore saplings can be invasive. The seeds of the sycamore are shaped like a half propeller and when uplifted and driven by a strong wind their spinning can spread them far and wide.

    Occupation :
    This tree occupied a place (and will again). You must occupy (influence). You are the planting of the Lord and the seeds you sow will spread far and wide. Be uplifted and be driven by the Holy Spirit.

    Prophetically, in future when seeds of faith are sown there will be very little loss? I say this because the Sycamore seed doesn’t need good soil. They have the ability to germinate where they land – it doesn’t have to be buried! Next to a plant in a pot, on bare ground, on leaf mould in the woods, on bark mulch, on a layer of pebbles, loves the crown of a fern and I have even seen it germinate on the lawn! (God’s word about acceleration comes to mind)

    I have had to split this in adherence to the 1500 character limit


    First, it is not my intention to take away or override any Prophetic Word Veronica has shared with us. My intention is to support all that she has divulged from God and what I have, comes after the fact! 

    Like most people I was very saddened by the loss of the tree at what is sometimes referred to as “Sycamore Gap Tree”. As Veronica mentioned it is also known as “Robin Hood’s” tree. This is because in Kevin Costners version of this story (Robin Hood : Prince of Thieves 1991), this is the tree a young poacher takes refuge in from pursuing soldiers.

    The choosing of this vegetative icon, I have been shown, is no coincidence. I am humbled and pleased to share here what God has just shown me regarding this incident and its spiritual message.

    First, the film sub title “Prince of Thieves” – wow – Satan comes to steal and destroy.  He is always ready to remove you from your purpose. You are the one that stands in the gap. He will also attempt to remove you from your refuge in God! (One may be able to be cut down but if God is your refuge you cannot be uprooted!)

  4. On October 4 of 2021 I was given a word about that I am resurrecting your nation like am resurrecting you. I had a sickness hidden and had surgery and the Lord healed me.
    The word says justice is coming. They will not fulfill their wicked schemes and plans
    The shoe is dropping now
    Write it down
    1:50 am 10-4-21
    I could not sleep tonight.stayed up
    Mom and I Prayng
    Came up to my room to finish praying and worship
    It WAS EXACTLY 1:50 AM AS I TURNED THE PAGE IN MY JOURNAL! By just flipping over!
    AND IT IS 10-4-2023!
    Just 2 short years later
    I am astonished right now
    The Lord is magnificent
    Changes here in the US with the Speaker being removed
    The last lines are-
    The glory will be poured out and it will break the tyranny off
    Off of this America the beautiful!
    Continuing to pray this out for today
    Thank you Veronika for your faithfulness and love

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