The Way of the Warrior and FIREBRANDS


When the LORD started speaking to me today, I kept hearing in my spirit these words “It’s the way of the warrior” and “FIREBRAND”.

As those words continued to go through me, I saw in the spirit a friend of mine who runs in the morning beside the river on a path.  As he was running, I kept hearing the LORD say, “it’s the way of the warrior.”  So I asked, do you mean that he is running or on the path of a warrior in the spirit?

Then as I was watching him run, there came a group of Native American braves who were running with him, behind and sometimes beside him and I knew them to be warriors with war paint on their faces and other parts of their bodies.  They all seemed very intent and serious about what they were doing.  Their faces looked stern, almost like they were a statue, they were so focused on the path before them and what they knew they had to do.

The impression that I had was that they were on the path (of the LORD) and going with full intent of obedience to wherever it was that He wanted them to go.  They were a courageous and finely honed group that worked together in what the LORD was calling them to.  I could see that they had prepared well and were ready for the battle that was ahead and that my friend was part of that group.

Then I heard the LORD say, “Many of My remnant have been in a state of getting prepared.  You have felt an urgency upon you that you need to get ready.  But, get ready for what?  Some say it is the day of My coming, others that the end time is upon them and that there is a time of great disaster and wars coming to them.

There is a spirit of fear that is running rampant and trying to take control of your mind and your spirit, for it would like nothing better than to have you wandering in confusion and abandonment.  For it knows that if you are not after My heart, that it can rule and reign or even have a piece of your heart and spirit and that it will gain a piece of control over your life and what you do and say.”

So I say to you, “PEACE, BE STILL.  DO NOT LET THE ENEMY TAKE YOU AWAY, TO A PLACE IN THE SPIRIT, WHERE HE CONTROLS YOUR THOUGHTS, WORDS AND ACTIONS.  DO NOT.  BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.  For it is in the quietness of the morning, in the stillness of the night, in your quiet place, in your innermost parts that you will hear Me.  Many do not have the relationship with Me that is needed for the days ahead, and it will only be as you quiet yourself before Me that you will hear Me speak.  Then and only then you will see Me as you never have before.

For I say to you, that there is much about to take place.  My Angels are mounted and ready for battle.

I looked then and saw an opening in the heavens and the LORD, Himself was seated on His white charger.  The angels were mounted also and on either side of Him all the way around the opening, even as I turned around to see it full circle, there were way more than I could count.  For the heavens were filled and in the background I could hear them singing praises to the LORD.

Way in the back I could see the Mansion of the LORD and see the choirs of angels singing, again more than I could count.  The look on the faces of the angels on horseback was a look of steel or somberness, and their faces were set like flint.  They knew that His time was upon them and whatever He directed them to do, they would do it willingly and joyfully, for He was all that they lived for, He was all that they hoped for.  He was their all in all.

I knew without anyone speaking and could see that the LORD’s eyes were going to and fro, watching not only all the heavenly areas, but also everything that was happening on the earth.  I knew that with a subtle movement or a whisper that it would all start in motion.  I could feel the magnetism and power of His presence, even as I stood and watched from afar, I was drawn to pull closer, to see, and hear what was before me.


For there are those who will never be ready, but there are those who have been hearing, seeing, and understanding Me and what I AM about at this time.  PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE, FOR MY TIME IS QUICKLY UPON YOU.

Do not fear what you do not know.  For no man knows the day and time or hour of My arrival.  Yet I say that I AM already in your midst.  For do you not know and understand that there are many that I AM deeply embedded within?  You have seen them and heard some of them, yet there are many others whom I AM about to release into My Glory, into My Power and Authority, like they have never known before.

There are many who have been waiting for this very hour, they have been waiting and listening for Me to say to them, “It is time.”  I say to you, do not go on your own accord, but wait for Me, and you will know when it is time. You will hear My voice in the small soft wind, and you will know, for you have been preparing your whole lives for this, and many knew it not.

For there are even those in the shadows now, who wait fearfully for Me to call them out.  For they have gone through much. They have been abused and broken.  They have been spit upon and worse.  They have seen and known the wrath and hypocrisy of man and of the church.  For though the church calls itself holy and pure, many are still far from it at this point.  Many do not fear Me, but they fear man.

Many do not worship Me, but their pastor, or others within the church.  Many do not love Me as themselves, and many have lost their first love.  Many have turned their backs to Me and only want My hands.  They do not seek Me, as their LORD or Master.  They do not find comfort or strength in Me, for they look to man for their comfort and strength.

How many lessons do I need to teach you, so that you would listen and understand?  My patience grows thin and I have placed judgment on many people and many nations for the sins that man have committed against Me and all that I love.

Does man not understand that they cannot continue on the path that they are on?  Does man not understand that their life must be filled with worship and a relationship with Me?  I AM GOD, and I AM IN CONTROL.   There is no other that can or will do what I have done.  There is no other who will do what I do in the days ahead.

You think that mother nature or some other entity does this or that, do you not know that I allow it all, so that you will see Me more?  So that you will know and understand that everything, is under My control.  So I say, PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE.

What do I mean by this?  For some it is to set food aside, or to purchase or trade for things that you will need, for others it is to prepare physically, as if you were a young warrior, getting ready to go into battle for the first time, so that they are physically getting in shape, like they have not done in the past.

Then I looked again, and I saw young Warriors preparing to fight, by competing with each other through contests of riding horses, shooting arrows, and throwing hatchets.  I saw others in hand to hand combat, and I saw others sharpening their skills by reading the Word, and spending time with the LORD worshipping.

As I looked around me it was if I was in a pocket of time within a Native American village as I watched them prepare for a mighty war.  I could hear the drums beating around me.  As I turned slightly, I was with the knights of old in Europe as they prepared for battle jousting and fighting with their swords.  Turning again, I saw the Gladiators preparing for the fight of their lives.  Turning once more I was with the Samurai Warriors sharpening their blades.

Once again I moved and I was in the African nations watching as they were preparing, preparing, preparing, getting ready to fight the fight of their life.  Each one was preparing as if their life depended on it, and indeed it was their very life that depended on it, for if they weren’t prepared or in shape in body, mind, and spirit, each one knew that they would not last through the coming days and times that are about to be unleashed upon and around them.

For all of you, it will be a time to prepare in your spirit by spending time with Me.  So I say to you, come away with Me in spirit and in truth.  Come away, that we might be One.  Come away, that you might hear Me more clearly, for I AM about to change your very life. It will be oh, so important for you to spend time with Me, to worship Me, to be able to hear My voice clearly.

You do not even understand how important that will be. For those who have developed a relationship with Me and are developing a relationship with Me, I will be honing your skills.  For in this time that is coming upon you, you will need every skill and gift that I give you.  You will need all of them and more.

For even as in the book of Revelations and in My Word you have seen and know what I can do.  Do you not know that even though what is coming will be incredibly hard for some, it will also be a time of great glory, that My signs wonders, and miracles will be unleashed as never before?

Do you not know that even as I open your eyes and your spirits to a new understanding of My Word that truly My time is being fulfilled as we speak?  For even as the earth has birthing pains and darkness tries to flood the earth and there are wars and rumors of wars, do you not also see an increase also in My goodness, in My mercy, in My love for all of mankind?

Yes, I have judged and I AM still judging, but there is still time, for man to repent, that My heart would be changed and that all that I have planned would not come forth.  Repent and know that I AM God and that I will forgive you, but you must seek Me, not someone or something else.  You must seek Me in this, so that My heart will be for you and not against all that you have done to My people and My kingdom.

For I AM a jealous God, and I would not have you turn your back on Me or forsake Me.  I would have you as Mine.

I say to you, “listen, listen, listen carefully to the voice of My prophets, for I will speak through them and you will know of more.  At times, you will know more than you want to know. But it is all for a time and a season that you are coming upon and all will be needed. All will be needed.

Ask for greater understanding, greater wisdom and greater clarity, so that you will know, that you know, that you know My voice, over that of the enemy.  Continue to ask that you would know the enemy’s plans and purposes, for it is only when you know them in advance that you are able to seek Me as to what to do about it.  It is only then that you will be able to overcome that which is coming before it comes and as it is seeking to stop and destroy you.  It is only then, that you will learn the lessons of the warrior.  These are the lessons that will help you to survive in the days ahead.

Then I heard the word “FIREBRAND” once again in my spirit. I saw a huge flaming hot branding iron, (like what ranchers or farmers would use to brand their cattle or horses to show ownership) coming at me and others.

And I heard the word “FIREBRAND” again in my spirit and I knew it as one who the enemy would try to use for his purposes to stir things up, but I knew it for the LORD’s purposes as one who had been branded by the LORD and was on FIRE for the LORD and would be used by the LORD as a catalyst or as a FORERUNNER, to run ahead of the pack, to be at the forefront and to learn the ways of the LORD first, or to go through things first, as the early PIONEERS did, so that others could come after them.  In the ways of a catalyst they would be used of the LORD to bring change to a church or area where they are sent, for they were on FIRE for the LORD.

Then I saw the LORD with a huge pot over a fire.  He was stirring in the fire, with a long pole.  As I watched He pulled the pole out and at the end of the pole was a “brand” that was hot.  He said, “There are those who I have “marked” in the past, and they did much for My kingdom, they were “MY FIREBRANDS”.

There are even some now, who wear My brand.  I AM getting ready to unleash My brand upon many in the earth.  That they will have a mark upon them as “MY FIREBRAND” which will mark them forever for Me.  I say to you, are you willing to become as one of “MY FIREBRANDS” ?   for I will use you greatly, but I say to you that there is a price, as there is to everything.  For if you accept this, the enemy will be after you even more than he is now.

Do you accept this cost, are you willing to pay the price of a life that is sold out to Me and Me alone?  Are you willing to do what I tell you to do, and say what I tell you to say, whatever the cost?  For this mark will set you apart even more for Me, just as in the days in the past, when the Nazarites were set apart for Me.

Are you willing to pay the price?  For I need those who will follow Me with a passion that will not be held back, for these I will mark with My holiness and righteousness.  They will come forth, even more than John the Baptist came forth in the days past.  They will come forth in a “FIRE” that only I can give, that will overcome what is before them, for My sake.

Will you come?  Will you come into that new relationship with Me, that will mark you for life?  That will mark you as Mine?  Will you draw into Me, and never let go?  Will your heart be so turned to Me, that when the enemy looks at you, he won’t see you, but instead he will see a reflection of Me?

Will you come, will you grab onto My hand and look into My eyes and seek Me for who I AM?  Will you welcome, the way of the warrior into your heart?  Will you allow Me to become your life and your lifestyle?  WILL YOU BECOME A FIREBRAND FOR ME?

 Love,  Abba.


God Bless You!
Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

Beverly Juelsgaard-FischerGod has allowed Beverly to minister all over the world through the internet, and in person through conferences, church services, and small groups.  Beverly’s heart is to see the Body of Christ walk in the freedom that God means for them, so they can develop a deep intimacy with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  She ministers to others through prophetic words, and other gifts, bringing breakthrough and calling people into a constant pursuit of His Heart to actively hear His voice for themselves and others. Beverly lives near Danville, VA.

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The Way of the Warrior and FIREBRANDS — 6 Comments

    • God’s Words have a way of doing that. It is so important to include Him in every aspect of our libed, so we can continue to grow in Him. God Bless you! Bev

    • Yes, He does!  I LOVE IT!  It is so important for us as believers to be able to recognize, understand, and then be obedient to whatever He is telling us to do.  God Bless you! Bev