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The Wicked Ones Have Been Released — 1 Comment

  1. This is a confirmation to me personally. I have been witnessing on the street at bus stops.

    I saw people exhibiting very strange and demonic behavior. I mean all their members hands, eye are employed to sin,and are totally unconscious of it.

    As I saw this, God puts in my heart to pray for the children, and I have been, as they are exposed to utter evil. It is very disconcerting to talk to them while seeing how they are behaving.

    Mean While when I was witnessing God puts this in my heart, to warn the, how they may be tempted to say the virus some how to go away,so that they can go back to continue to sin and the time that was before the virus.

    I warned them saying the Lord has given us this grace period to repent, if we fail to do so we will have more staggering problems to come our way.

    There fore the Spirit of Truth is speaking and warning if the coming fearful days.

    He will come for the true Church,before He sends judgment, as it was in the days of Noah. Even now He will have a remnant Church.

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