The Winds of Adversity


I witnessed two eagles soaring in the midst of violent winds.  The winds were so strong they pushed my truck over into the other lane a bit.  What was amazing was the eagles soared with none of the blowing effecting them.  They seemed to flow effortlessly with the winds.  The winds did not conquer them, they conquered the winds.

Hear what the LORD says:  “Though the winds were strong against you, you shall master my winds by My design.  As an eagle is designed to soar and a soldier designed for war, so I have designed you to flow in your element.

A fish cannot swim without water and neither can you learn to soar without the element of trouble.  For on the winds of adversity you shall learn to ride and abide.  Even the waters shall rise to try to undermine your foundations.The storm of winds in fury shall blow.  Toss the excess overboard, lighten the load, cast your cares on Me, release the burden and trust Me with all your heart.  I have created you for such adversity.  You have been made to thrive in the midst of storms and troubles.  Thrive My beloved!  Rebuke the demonic winds and storms!  You shall rise says your God.”

I saw a coconut tree being blown from fierce winds.  The tree was blown side ways and the palm leaves and coconuts were blown off.  The tree never uprooted, but was stripped of leaves and fruit.  However, when the winds of adversity blow strong, your roots are going deep.  You are stronger than you think.

“There are many new people gathered.  Many stepping on each other to gain advantage.  You must beware of the leaven of hypocrisy.  Everything that is hidden will be made known.  Pretenders that are clean on the outside are made clearly manifest to Me, says the LORD.I delight in restoring dead things to life.  I AM a God of restoration.  My strongest rebukes came to the religious hypocrites;  Those who thought they were right with Me could not see.  The climbing to pinnacles of success brought them honor in a “self righteous” sense.  But these pinnacles shall crumble.

The highest place is at My feet in brokenness.  In your brokenness you release fragrance I will fill that void with love in your heart.  For those that lift themselves up shall be brought low.  But those that are at My feet, I shall lift up into My face says the LORD.”


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

Sherry Edwards Mackey imageSherry Edwards Mackey
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