The Womb of Heaven Has Erupted


My spirit is so excited and uneasy at the same time.

As I was speaking on a broadcast last night, the Spirit of the Lord spoke, “The womb of heaven has erupted and is birthing out upon the earth the needs of the people and His will!”

Just before I went into the broadcast, I heard a loud rumbling that sounded like a groan of pain, then a ripping sound!  I knew something had been torn open

I knew that this wasn’t an ordinary shaking taking place.  I knew that God had established a release to come forth.

I had been listening, waiting on my visitation… and it came.

My stomach was jumping with anticipation, because I knew an impartation was coming with this visitation and it did.

I am so stirred right now, because I know God is moving.  I won’t be surprised at the testimonies that will start coming forth starting today.

I know I’m not the only one who felt the move of God last night and this morning.

Some things in our life has been predestined to come forth right now.  I know God cause a rip in time and some will experience a kairos encounter, a spontaneous sudden manifestation of things coming to pass that have been spoken in their lives.

I’m so excited, because I’m expecting God to show forth His Glory.

Listen, don’t allow anything to distract your attention, because you have to be in exact alignment with the timing of God, so you won’t miss your moment of suddenly.

I saw people being delivered from habits, addictions, mental oppression.  I saw marriages being restored, where I literally saw chains being broken off of hearts that were locked up with pain and bitterness.

I saw ministries that were surrounded by demonic spirits and they were blocking people from entering in, being shaken loose and set free and souls started entering in and the darkness that surrounded the ministries, disappeared.

I saw preachers in pulpits falling to their knees weeping and crying and asking for mercy.

I saw angels going throughout cities and preventing people from being destroyed.  They were intercepting bullets, stopping robberies.

I saw them holding back destruction and as I came out the vision, I just wept, because I know that God is moving no matter how ugly the world is looking.

I started interceding for President Trump, asking God to give him a divine encounter with His power and glory to speak to him and show him the right way to go to give him wisdom from among and to let him know that He was in control of the United States.

I prayed for governments everywhere, asking ELOHIM to deal with Kim Jong Un of North Korea that he may know that He is God and hold all power in His hand.

I asked God to let him experience His power and give him a Saul experience, where He knocks him down from his prideful place and that he has a full understanding to know God is the one who holds all power in His hands.

I’m praying for God to protect the innocent, to intervene, such that lives are not lost and sacrificed because of foolish pride.

I’m praying for the intercessors, prayer warriors and watchmen to awaken to a greater travail, as we overthrow death and destruction in this hour.

I’m praying for the Prophets of God to arise and speak truth and not great swelling words!

I’m crying for mercy that God will stay the hand of death and that He will intervene on behalf of His people, that we won’t be destroyed with the wicked who refuses to repent.

I’m asking Him, “Where are the safe places at in the earth, that have His Favor and Protection?” because those areas have not forgotten God.

Yes, this morning I’m on Holy Ghost stand-by, waiting for instructions to intercede to pray to see to hear from ELOHIM!

This warrior is waiting to be deployed to wherever God says go, and as Prophet Jae Bishop Orange always says,  Everything Is Moving By The Power Of God!

I only move when He moves!  Take heed and pray!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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The Womb of Heaven Has Erupted — 6 Comments

  1. Yes I am experiencing His wonderful presence more like never before. Last night was a new beginning at our small Church but We serve a great God and we are being blessed.
    Thank you so much for your obedience.

  2. There is a tearing at our souls the flesh is being separated from our spirit, the prophets have been called to sound a trumpet and open their mouths so the Lion of Judah can speak.  Call upon the Great I Am, I will meet you and show you what to do. Die to the flesh and live in Me.
    Rebuke the false teachings of apostles preaching false doctrine, not found in My Word. Parlor tricks and false prophesy abounds, blinding and tickling the ears of too many of my people. The Lion says use the spiritual gifts I have given to you NOW, for I Am coming.
    Stand ready as I reveal Myself to the faithful and pour out my Spirit upon them, Mighty works are coming through my people as I approach.
    I am scouring the Earth for those that hear My Voice. Use the gifts I have given you, awaken from the deception that is causing you to look at a world that is passing away.
    Put on the full armor of God. The final call is upon you.
    Serve your Master, my heart is for my people and to lay claim to what is Mine. Bring my people back to redemption, open your mouths and let them hear Me speak, show them the power of faith, and belief. 
    Testify to your visions, dreams, and My Holy Word. Open your mouths NOW in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    Prophets sound the alarm, send out My warning, throw mountains to the sea, heal the sick, and keep focused on Me. 
    The Lion of Judah is approaching.

  3. Yes, here in Mauritius also we are experiencing His river flowing slowly and we shall see it swell like The Jordan river. we must be ambassadors of his love and light to the unsaved who will come to Our Lord and KING..
    We have been prepared for such a time as this.

  4. This aligns with a connection God aligned between me and a minister in Ghana on Aug. 9th. I have felt the expectance and push as from a tsunami. Situations and people I could have never connected with are friending me on FB saying the Lord led them.  One woman I became friends with in Cameroon a month ago and now 6 contacts throughout Africa and …I’m connecting with Ghana (#7).
    I am also praying much with declarations and decrees for North Korea and Kim Jong-un.  Yes, declaring an encounter.  Blessings to you!