There Is a King Who Lives in You! — 2 Comments

  1. God gave me a dream last night and the woman who had greatly oppressed/troubled and intimidated me was in my dream.  She saw my past sins clearly, and I saw her in a hallway at a party with many people and her eyes were shining with delight over my sin/struggle; I smiled and her looked her on the eyes and said, “you really like that” and again I saw her and she was delighted with my son struggle, and I said with a smile and no malice and no fear, “you really like that; you are so weird”.  Then I saw her again, but this time she was leaving and had to turn slightly around to see me and she smiled as she was turning and walking away.  I woke up.  I knew it was over!

  2. Hallelujah W!!!!!!! I am inspired by this phrase which says “The Righteous are as BOLD as a Lion” Wow! I am so blessed by these powerful and awesome words. God bless you my beloved sister.

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