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There Is Coming a Great Divide — 1 Comment

  1. Dear brother ! It is true, it is coming as the LORD has shown you. At my balcony table stands a flower buquet and it turned overnight into a clearer “picture”… I know my LORD and He gives more and more direct signs. His nature – HE speaks through animals, flowers, rain, hail, sun, fog, winds, It is His word. He speaks to us, since He created earth and heavens. While reading your article, I went out to take a new picture. Without any own doing, I just was wondering how the flowers turned. May others interprete what they want, or nothing, but I see this since long time. People must decide which way the go. The way to heaven is a narrow way – many will not walk the right path and fall apart. A Scripture comes now to my mind while I write this: IF A HOUSE IS DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF, THAT HOUSE CANNOT STAND. MARK 3:25

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