There is NO Secret Rapture of the Church! — 2 Comments

  1. Few waited for the “Book of Truth” told to Daniel and sealed until the end. Now its the end, and we can read Daniel 11 and check off each passage as the events unfold. The MASTER said to “watch” more than 20 times. HE also said to watch for when they cry “peace and safety” and the abomination many times. I agree there’s now nothing “secret” about the rapture or taking up of HIS true church. It’s going to happen very shortly now. Don’t be left behind.

  2. Sister in Christ, Celeste Dewey.  I just ran into this website.  I want to thank you for your post of September 1st.  “There is no secret rapture for the church.”  Recently when reading this scripture I picked up on these few words from I Thess.4:13-18. “and with the trump of God.”  That really hit me one day.  The trump is “God’s Trump.”

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