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There is No Turning Back Now — 6 Comments

  1. I’d sincerely like to know who in Washington, D.C. upholds to biblical principles? You can point out who doesn’t… please help me out with who does?

    • I have just one question if you would answer please. Does Biden/Harris and those on the left hold or adhere to “biblical principles”?

  2. Prophet Hanson, you are truly one of God’s End Time Prophets. Your word serves as further confirmation of messages others have shared that they have received, myself included.

    Thank you for understanding my stating this serves ONLY to confirm THE GENERAL MESSAGE God is imparting, that no one can take ownership of.  It is in hearing and sharing that the Prophetic Community can truly get a wider view of that which is to come and understanding.

    Thank you for being a Watchman on the wall who serves only to communicate what you are hearing, and not take ownership or claim exclusivity of the Word God has entrusted to you to decree.

    I will forward to others in my base, what God has spoken thru you, so they to can prepare.

    • Thank you my dear friend and fellow prophet. The truth will stand even though the winds from others and the enemy attempt to dissuade it from going forth.

  3. We agree with what your saying. Maybe the delusion that is coming. Already here, upon the world, because they do not love the truth. At one time I thought the president was ok. But I see it now. Lies, deception, and the worship of the man is insane! We just sent this prophecy out to many on our email list. Thank you for listening to the Holy spirit. Blessings

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