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There Will Be New Heavens and a New Earth — 1 Comment

  1. I believe in the day I am reading this there is a double meaning Hebrews speaks of Jesus folding the earth up as a vesture after all sin and death is completely dealt with after the great white throne judgment and God moves the new Jerusalem from Heaven to earth as Isa 65 says but there is also a new era coming into the earth at present with great change as was said in one of Canada s prophesy (God speaking)Trudeau may say, “cut the nitrogen by 30%”! BUT I SAY TO YOU, OH TRUDEAU, I AM CUTTING OUT THE EVIL, CORRUPTION, AND DARKNESS 100%! There is no room for your stench and emissions. You and your cabinet of people, oh, how you wreak of depravity. I AM cutting you and your plans down 100% I AM DECLARING A NET ZERO OF DARKNESS! HA, HA, HA
    This is from trillium truth a Heavenly shed raising but points out perfectly what God is doing in the present to bring in this new era and how evil is being removed not to the extent of folding up the earth but our generation’s best days are in front of us

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