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  1. Sister, I listened what you had to share with the world and the brothers and sisters. I heard your song, I read your words. Then I read again who you are, in the short explanation. Here your own description: “humorous speaker and teacher across the U.S.A and internationally in Ministers & Spiritual leaders Conferences, and training seminars for various organizations.” Your ministry has obviously an own studio. I do only have a small 100 dollar cell phone and a 5 year old 2nd phone, and with both I take pictures of GOD`s beautiful nature and record 4 or 5 most humbly unperfect songs in 7 years. My “ministry” is not only for churches and seminars, where all the flock feels so comfortable inside. My ministry is for those who are outside (and inside) the churches. It was growing unexpectadly fast and wide. Often the LORD told me to be a shining light in a confused world. Many good believers exhorted me not to stop, not to give up, though my life was in danger. Your articles speaks of REST. That`s good for all of us who are working for the LORD. I am sure you know the Scripture, that we must use the time, to save others, for the time is short. Ephesians 5:16 “making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.” Do you still have a burning heart for others ? I know many, many Christians from different churches who enjoy Sunday service and then sit back in their expensive chairs, sofas and at their well fed tables. This is not evil, I know.
    You sound so smoothe, your song is beautiful, and there is nothing wrong. I just write to you to think about, if you in your heart accuse the work of those who are on the frontlines, who work hard for God`s Kingdom. To help many blind people to see what`s going on and to rescue them from hell. You mention luzifer. Yes, he seduces people, he went very far. He even seduced churches.
    I am a woman who dearly loves every hour of rest, allowed by God. Strong Christians know that they have to sound wake up calls, and they are attacked for doing God`s will. You song is about the One true Captain. If I wouldn`t have this ONE in my heart and soul, even in my body – for Whom I gave up all earthly success and lost even a Christian General – after all those years I do not regret that I opened my mouth and my heart for the truth. I have met too many proud and stubborn Christians. So called “unbelievers” are everywhere open for the Gospel. Pointing them to JESUS CHRIST and to good old hymns, also to new hymns, and showing the world some of the treasures of Holy Scriptures – oh I wish I could share much more of these treasures. I know that Muslims are touched by the Word of God, and GOD knows, that a single seed, many seeds have been planted and been multiplicated already. ALL FOR JESUS. Sister, you can`t imagine how often I desired to have such a place like many of you have. A place where no one enters into the flat, because the house owner feels to have this “right”. A place of rest where no one mocks or blocks. Even in Florida in November, my 1st 1 week “holidays” after 22 years, hidden people threw stones into a garden. Yes, real stones. 2017 is a year of restoration and victory, we all have read and heard everywhere now. If you love this sister who types here, please pray for me, that the hidden people stop their attacks against me. I was isolated long enough. I decide to continue my “homepage” daily as my LORD and SAVIOUR leads me. We are in the last days. I only have a small laptop and a cheap loudspeaker. That`s my enough equipment to reach broken-hearted people. All kind of people. GOD KNOWS. Do not judge or accuse proven brothers and sisters, for that you may not be found as false prophet. I have to send this message out now. GOD tells me: Do what in your heart is, to do. I am with you. This is also a Holy Word of GOD.

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