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  1. That last part is not true in my estimation.  Obama is already executed, having gone thru tri-bunal at Gitmo.  Joe Biden is also. The one you see is a double, an actor.  Russia’s Putin is alliance with Trump and the White Hats.  DJT and the real USA military, 200 generals in fact, are working with good military in all countries, to extract and obliterate the deep state, the evil cabal/mafia.  There is so much to say here, but I leave it for you to research.  I do believe there are days of darkness, gross darkness coming across all the land.  Times can be confusing because WE ARE AT WAR.

  2. Sister Lynne, I put this on another post you commented on but realized you probably wouldn’t know if was for you. It is for you: For some reason the Lord laid you on my heart today. I have followed some of your words given, even when difficult to hear. I miss your messages from the Lord. You gave words that were maybe controversial at the time but has resonated as truth, long before the truth came out and long before others gave words about the same things. I pray the annointing of Elijah continue to rest upon you Sister. Denise@gibgirl63@yahoo.com

  3. President Trump removed through planned destruction? But, he will return to the office of the presidency for a short time after the fraudulent Joe Biden steps down.

    The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic. However, there’s the United States corporation which the current leftists are attempting to bankrupt this United States Corporation through trillions of dollars in debt. My recollection of the history of the formation of the United States Corporation was it after the Civil War?? Or was it the American Revolution?? is eluding me at this moment.  But, supposedly the elitists (i,e. The Rothschild family, and and wealthy families) helped with the huge accumulated debt at the end of the war. Perhaps Obama’s assignment is to destroy the United States Corporation. And the United States Constitutional Republic will be in power and its currency will be backed by gold standard. Federal Reserve Bank will no longer exist. I think Donald John Trump will then be the 18th President of the Constitutional Republic, the United States of America. I don’t know if I will have time to research this last bit of information.

    • a few corrections and insert additional information. 1.  United States, Constitutional Republic 2. The United States Corporation 3. Saul Alinsky who mentored bought Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. By so doing, it may show these facts may fit within the prophetic word above.

      SIDEBAR: Barack Hussein Obama, Sr was not the father of BHO. He was a married man and his wife was living in Kenya. BHO, Sr. was a student at Harvard.  His real name is Barry Soetero. His mother’s name was Stanley and his grandparents along with Stanley (Caucasian) were card carrying members of the Communist Party. Interesting friendship with Frank Marshall Davis, (African American) also card carrying member of the Communist Party. He is supposed to be Barack’s real/biological father.  From the book “Dreams From The Book “Dreams From My Real Father.” He was “BHO’s mentor of Deception.” This information exists in YouTube.

      • Another correction: Should read: Saul Alinsky was a mentor to both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barry Soetero (aka Barack Hussein Obama.)

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