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They’re Waging War All Across His Land — 4 Comments

  1. This is a jewel, a pearl of Holy Scripture: Psalm 18. And about the introducing words: Oh how we know…Where there is smoke, there is fire….. Last night and also today, Sunday morning, 14 days after the openening of the abyss in La Palma, there was a man named Isaiah in the comment section. I dared to write one sentence to him, if he knows what GOD says in Isaiah 24:18… then all hell broke lose: The most stupid arrogant people then have been spitting all over the comment section. What a demonic mockery against me and against all the believers in GOD and against GOD Himself. It is a spiritual warfare, but the people are so blind, so prideful wicked. Others were screaming for the mods to put the religious nuts out… Guess what happened ??? THEY got deleted !!! THEY got reported for accusing others. I watch the Live stream volcano eruption as often as I can. It is increasing so worse, many vents collapsed into one huge fire. This maybe seems out of topic, but I know, the admin on this powerful page knows how to understand it.

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