This Is the Season Supernatural Suddenlies!


I Prophesy:  In this hour and season you will walk in a new level of discernment and divine understanding.

You will be ready and prepared to cross over into new levels and new dimensions of the spirit realm that has been made available to you.

By faith you are stepping out and stepping into a new sphere of supernatural increase, impact and influence.  As you press in deeper, the demonstrative power of the Holy Spirit will meet you in this place causing you to thrust forward and beyond.

In this hour, you are being aligned with true Kingdom identity, you are gaining ground, you are occupying new territory, and you will carry a new mantle to fulfill a new mandate on the earth.

You are being fully activated and divinely accelerated to achieve more than you have done in the past seasons.

There is a divine unlocking and unblocking of Kingdom resources that is being made available to you in this season.  That which looked impossible to achieve and overcome is now being made accessible and available to you.

For many of you, there has been a strategic reshaping and sharpening by the hand of God through the fires of trial and testing.  Rejoice, for now you have become like a sharpened arrow that will move with even greater power, precision and pin point accuracy.

Many are now being shifted and lifted into the right place at the right time.

New doors are opening up before you.  The old has past, behold a new thing now breaks forth.

Look and see, for the fiery breath of God is now breathing new life and greater power upon the seed of your faith and expectation.

The Spirit of God is now breaking the power of every spiritual inhibitor that has prevented you from accessing these new doors and new opportunities.  There is a launching pad that has been prepared for you.  Your time is now!

I Prophesy:   This is the season supernatural suddenlies.

Watch, for a sudden breaking forth of new life, healing, miracles, increase, greater influence and supernatural multiplication.

I decree sudden and supernatural changes of direction in your life.  That which was hidden and concealed for a season is now being revealed and released to you.

You are now emerging from the place of darkness and dormancy and you are now entering into a place of new vision and greater provision, for you were created for such a time as this!


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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