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This Year Is a Year of the Gift of Faith — 2 Comments

  1. Amen P Ken – that so witnesses with me – God bless you.
    In fact in a church prayer meeting quite recently a young man prayed for an increase in faith and said he didn’t know if angels delivered it or not and he kind of laughed and shortly after that I had a split second picture of an angel holding a gift so I took that to mean that faith is a gift and we receive it by faith.  I also read from a different source that we are going to need more faith if we want to see the supernatural in the days ahead.  So we Thank You Lord God Almighty for your gift of faith – We receive it now and give You the glory for without you and your gifts you offer freely to us we can do nothing . We give you the praise Jesus and how it will glorify your Holy precious name! Bless You Jesus !

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