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  1. Hi, Angela,

    why do You not pass on the name of your Church where this awesome worship is manifesting??

  2. Wow!!! Praise God!! I absolutely loved reading this. God is so good to us and He is always ahead of us!! Praise God for that! ✨

    • I am humbled and so thankful!  Praying God’s Glory touches all 4 corners of the earth this year to deliver and heal all God’s Men & woman!  Let the harvest begin… Praise Jesus!

  3. Dear Angela

    I love your detailed report written in present time so that you just feel to be with you…!
    I am a long time believer since 63 years, live in Germany, have seen one healing miracle from Borrelisis which left be out of my bed for seven weeks because of the pain. Somebody prayed for me at the phone a short prayer and three days later all was gone. I resisted to take antibiotics which the doctor wanted to prescribe to keep off further complicationas but I resisted by faith.
    Nevertheless I battle many other chronic pain issues since decades, though I often received healing prayer!
    It seems that so far many healings are mostly happening in the USA, as I am following so many videos and prophetic words since decades.
    This is hard to swallow, I can tell you….
    Mostly daily my husband and I worship the Lord and have been in past decades used by the Lord, but after much studying my Bible, praying, fasting, reading about the subject, I come to the conclusing that God has HIS timing in this. It is a truth that I found confirmed in the book of a well known author who came to this conclusion as HE is giving us the faith needed for a miracle to happen, and if not, HE will give it to the ones or one who pray and have faith.

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