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  1. I tell you, it’s a time of great deception in the earth, especially in the prophetic.
    one says the vaccine is the mark and those who have it have sealed their doom. 
    Another, prophet I assume, says the rapture is at the door and it is time.
    If one Holy Spirit, how then so many opposite views prophetically.
    And then the body, clapping hands, giving praise to every word that is brought forth, being deceived and led astray.
    Suggestion for us all, enter your prayer closet, bow to your knees, open the Bible, and let Father God talk to you directly.
    If one Holy Spirit, then should be no contradiction in His word…
    be careful, people!

    • @ John you sure said a lot! I’m so thankful for the discernment of spirits. The Holy Spirit does not want us deceived. If there is a fear spirit with no hope, I don’t receive it. One test, is always who is that person glorifying? If it’s self, it is not all the way pure. It comes down very personal!! Myself, I have to go before the Lord often, seeking clean hands and a pure heart. It’s a fearful thing to give a word if the Lord has not said! We must check our own heart often and balance with the Word of God when we give out in His Name! He is A Holy God!!

    • Dear John, As I stand before the Lord, John, and endeavor to walk in the fear of the Lord guarding my heart. I hear what you are saying completely and I thank you for your input. This is the first time in over 40 years of walking in the prophetic that I have ever spoken about false discernment but of course, I would reply to you to seek the Father for a witness of the spirit and check the word of God and also check some of the prophetic messages I have given that are published here on HKP since 2019. As I have taught on the prophetic gift and prophetic intercession, I have that if it doesn’t agree with scripture to put it on the shelf. There is much dispute and disagreement about the rapture and the understanding of the book of Revelation. The main thing the Lord was emphasizing with me was the need for prayer and intercession for the outpouring of revival before the rapture and that if we are only seeking an escape from the persecution that is coming against christianity presently and especially at the same time the Lord is moving mightily in wonderful tent revivals at this very moment and the timing of the Lord for a great awakening before the rapture. Hope that explains the constrast of the 11th hour and the Midnight hour a bit. Again, thank you for your response and PLEASE SEEK THE LORD for confirmation. Many blessings, Sandi

  2. AS usual when I read your post I cry.  You can so hear the Father’s very own heartbeat!! Thank you, Sandi. God bless you.

    • Dear Joyce, I so appreciate your humble servant heart and your input here re: this word that I endeavored to point out the timing of revival and need for intercession and workers in the field, etc versus looking for a way out or to escape the persecution that is warring against Christianity and the deception that is non-stop. We must take a stand and take up the shield of faith. It is time to rescue the perishing. I do try very hard to carry the Father’s heart in the fear of the Lord so I am blessed with your kind words. I have been trying to finish the assignment the Lord gave me to write a book about the heart for quite some time and I lost almost all of it once when my computer crashed so I am repenting each day that I recover it for my procrastination. I thank God every day for Angus and Jill and all they have taught me and helped me with and for connecting me with sold out encouragers like you. The last 2 years have been a battle but I know now much of what I have learned through the fiery trials had to come and I am forever grateful for the one who continues to impart His unending LOVE to me every moment of the day. So much love and blessings, Sandi

      • Thank you Sandi. I believe with all my heart you have the Fathers ear and I so love to read your messages. Hugs, Joyce

        • Thanks so very much. I am forever grateful for your kind words and the words you so bravely release from His heart that are so needed in this hour. Love and blessings. Sandi

          • Thank you, Sandi. I would like to ask you to pray for me as I am trying hear the Lord very clearly on some most pivotal matters.I am not wanting any emotions to rule in any matters, but the Lord’s deepest will for my life! I keep hearing the song, Come Unto Me, I will give you rest. Don’t want to move out on anything till I am released. Also to give my best to HIM! Not my will, but Thine be done!To rest right now and be obedient is ‘key’ that I know. If i am busy when He bids rest, then i will miss the mark! God bless you.

            • Dear Joyce, Just now saw this. I am going into more time of concentrated intercession and I will pray for you for sure. I will get back to you if the Lord gives me anything to share. Thank you again for all of your prayers. I am feeling them and I am forever grateful. Blessings and love, Sandi

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