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  1. Thanks a lot Dear Syreeta. Many of us might not know God created us as part of solutions to someone or other people’s problems. If we are greedy to do our parts, we are also affected.
    Part of the word you shared is confirmed by Prophet Hanson’ word on HKP yesterday, that not all troubles come from Satan as some troubles are allowed by God to prepare us for some things ahead in the future.

  2. Much wisdom here and so very true! We walk this path together and sometimes I believe that spirit of jealously gets in people. We need pray and guard our own hearts continually, that it dont slip in. We must esteem others higher than ourselves. It is a Kingdom Walk! At times to take a back seat if necessary and just hold our brothers and sisters hands up. It maybe their time to be honored and promoted. Very wise words here my sister. Thank you. God bless you.

    • Absolutely true Mama Joyce. In addition, we also need to nurture our spiritual given gifts by being prayerful & focused. We should stop comparing spiritual gifts as this would bring envy/jealousy & make us lose our God given gifts which could be added onto another person. After all, no body paid or bought it from the market but was given to us individually by the Holy spirit as it pleased him for edification.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I just went online randomly looking for a word from God because I was exhausted and even almost felt angry at God. Almost all four messages spoke about my situation… The first I’m still unsure though… but then I have my heart open to hear from God clearly as I pray tonight… I pray God helps me go through this time… I feel so alone and hurt but I’m glad to still receive help from Him. I’m thankful. Blessings!

  4. Its a Real “TEST OF FAITH” surely by all means.!
    Confronting realistic enemies at all levels of life..!,just sinister act in ABBA.
    LOVE, is the only TOOL of life today, for those whom been left with rhetoric old teachings, of WHO IS THE SAVIOR of Humanity.
    The current frontal zatanic discouragements from the WRITTEN LAWS OF FATHER ABBA, had ditched with high pretension “from 2004 acting lizard’s against the whole earth & America, blinding all societies overall.”
    Sister Syreeta, Your EXCLISUVE Message its a true FERVENT CALL from ♥♥♥HIS REALMS GOVERNANCE IN HEAVEN♥♥♥, for what You had Explained Thoroughly our full walking’s times at today. Certainly “DESTINY ITS CALLING” for sure, by Your Vessel Words stated from HEAVEN’S. I will pray for Your Notes & Message, so earthly TRILLION FAITH Souls, can spread in other languages, Your BLESSING to all BRETHERNS on this 09/26/21..! AMÉN..! SHALOM..!


    PS 7




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