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  1. I sincerely pray that many will heed the message shared in this post, with an open heart of humility, a seriousness, with a humble spirit. We are living in challenging times, where it is very much so necessary to walk in the Spirit, be led by the Holy Spirit as much as possible, praying as much as possible, asking for Jesus Christ for divine help, in the Holy Ghost. God bless you, Sister Syretta Thomas.♥️

  2. Amen! Peace, love and greetings! God bless you, Sister Syretta Thomas, for sharing what the Holy Spirit has placed on your heart to impart to the Church of Jesus Christ.

    I’m at a place in God, where I’m spiritually broken, refraining from every or anything in my life that resembles idolatry or worship unto idols that the enemy disguises not to be such, but really are idols. All that is disobedience and rebellion, I reject anything that God hates and love all that God loves. It is been a challenging journey, but I pray that the Lord’s will is done on earth as it is in heaven.

    I receive this word and message, with an open heart. I walk alone with God the Father and in Jesus Christ, my heavenly, Holy Redeemer and Savior, but I don’t expect anything from man, other than those God directs along my journey and path. I don’t force anything anymore, just committing myself to sincere prayer, praise and worship, fasting, when God leads me to so, I predominantly look towards heaven, where my heavenly help is. This world has drawn so dark, family, friends, so many people who’ve turned their back on God and those who truly love Jesus Christ, so I don’t trust or ask to much from anyone anymore, God Sufficient.

    Thank you, so much Sister Syretta Thomas, for delivering this urgent and timely message. God bless you and I extend the sincere love of Jesus Christ, to you and your family ♥️

  3. This is no joke, and is bigger than we could have imagined.
    Thank you Syreeta for the courage to post this powerful and on-time word.
    I’m standing on the edge of the end and looking toward the new beginning. I’ve had to be brought very very low as a result of the filth I’d been playing in. But the tender mercy of my God took me out. And through much discipline (severe discipline) He washed me clean.
    I was handed over to the reprobate mind I’d been playing with and found out very quickly that this is no game. Oh Satan has us believing it’s “all in fun” but there is not a single soul who won’t feel the wrath laid up in store for the enemy who we’ve allowed to contaminate our lives. And yes, many close to me paid a dear price for my selfishness, but through my obedience these past years these relationships are being completely restored, and with great Power the Spirit of God will use it all for Good. He said so and He doesn’t lie so hallelujah!!
    God bless you dear beautiful lady!! :)

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