To be Resurrected…

 A combination of four words into one as posted on Facebook, November 25, 2013.



In order to be resurrected, you must be willing to die first, spend 3 days in “hell”, still preaching the Gospel, in spite of what you’re going through to those that are hurting and in bondage, and then let the Father raise you up from the “dead”, your “grave”!

People will look for where they had laid you in that donated tomb and not be able to find you!  Because they were there when you were beat up, spat upon and had to carry your cross, to be soon crucified on it……  After all, they saw you die!

And the Lord will tell them, “You’re not there!”  They will see that you have “risen” from the “dead”!  And in your new form, you will tell them to not touch you for you have not ascended to the father.  Your “Thomas'” will show up and put their hands in your sides and they will believe you.  This all comes with the territory when God is doing a new thing in you for His glory and your benefit!

Yes, its just that serious, if you’re truly serious enough!


People cry out so much that they want this or that, but I ask, “Are you willing to die first?”

Restoration is only had if something was taken;  resurrection is only made if death has taken place.

The cart cannot be before the horse, in any of this.


There is a “recipe”.  Process, Procedure, Protocol, Prerequisite to be made first and foremost before a resurrection can be done!

Amen, there is no go-around on this, if you are as serious as you say, you will lay “your life” down for it to be done!  Old things have passed away, behold all things become.. New!

Mockings and a Crown:

There must be mockings and a crown of thorns placed on the head!

It is a complete cycle that must be done!  Even in the garden, those that you asked to pray with you will be asleep, you will have a Judas !

Oh there is much that must take place before a resurrection is made!

The cost is very high, and the sacrifice to do this all the way?  Very few!


Apostle Jennifer HobbsApostle Jennifer Hobbs is a non-traditional, remnant co-founder and co-leader of Whole Armour of God Ministries International. This ministry, based out of Northeastern Pennsylvania, seeks to not only help bring healing and deliverance through the guidance of the Holy Ghost, while also building churches (people) in accordance to Matthew 16:16-18. The ministry specializes in not only deliverance but demonology as well; with an understanding of the principles and principalities that rule this world (Ephesians 6:10-20) and how to best defeat them in Jesus’ name. The ministry has been blessed to be operating under the Apostolic and Prophetic anointing with signs and wonders following (Mark 16:17), with the ultimate goal of lifting up the name of Jesus and proclaiming the Gospel accordingly (Ezekiel 2, 2 Corinthians 12:12).

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