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Trump on a Whetstone — Sharpened by The Hand of God! — 17 Comments

  1. Lord, let Your will and Yours alone be done, and keep Your people praying and repenting before You!

  2. Praise our Mighty God ! This is confirmation of my prayers I have been praying since January. I will continue praying until such a time as God sees fit to pour out His Miracle Plan upon America and the rest of the earth! The rest of the earth will see Gods Miracle upon America and they will repent and turn their lives over to God as well. Thank You God

  3. Right on! This delay was so necessary to truly expose who the enemies of God are.  Trump was betrayed many times and chose leaders he thought were good and many turned out to be false.  If we didn’t go through this delay, we would not know just how deep and widespread the corruption is. I live in Canada and my son is 16 in high school. His social studies course is 1/3 exposing false media, by that they mean anything not extreme left, 1/3 is studying the BLM movement as a valid response to racial injustice. I let his teacher know how I felt about that. Conservatives and Christians are being silenced and our children indoctrinated.  So that is being exposed too.  It will all come tumbling down.  I cover him with prayer and pray for our nations too.

    • Let your Kingdom come Lord. Give Mark’s son and the children and young people of his generation a revelation of YOUR truth. Protect them Lord. Raise up a God fearing generation, mighty in power and signs and wonders.  Lord, blow the enemy and his lies right out of the water. Remove the muzzle from your church Lord. Amen

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this timely word Veronika. My father trained as a grocer, and part of his long training was to prepare meat. At home, he used his training to prepare our meat and I remember clearly him taking a sharpening tool to prepare his knife for this task. He would sharpen different areas of the blade for different tasks, filleting, paring, shredding and so on. He knew his knife as though it were part of his hand, and he knew just when it was perfectly ready to cut cleanly and precisely. I loved to watch his careful and patient preparation. He didn’t hurry but checked each time a process ended, to see if it was time.

    It has been such a long season and many of us have grown weary. But God! Your word is so wonderful as it causes us to hope, and it helps us to watch as Father prepares his tools for his work. I will hold this image in my mind. He knows his plans for America (Jeremiah 29 v 11) and exactly how to hone and sharpen his knife to divide between truth and a lie. Between bone and flesh, and between soul and spirit. Praise God that our Father loves us all so much that he takes his time to be sure all is ready. Praise His Holy Name xxxxx

  5. You are spot on every time, so encouraging to have a direct word from the Lord,
    Trump will cut them to pieces, hate to be so blunt as it were, but they are for the he chopping block.


  7. Dear Veronika, I so look forward to your posts, they always give me hope that the Lord will strike and strike down all the leftists, liars,cheats and this illegitimate administration. Thank you.

    • Thank you Mice. You just reminded me of a dream I had after the USA 2020 presidential election where a young man told me the “Ban on the Election is lifted, people’s only fear now is Riot”. Please brethrem, let’s continue to pray against satanic riot as a result of Justice being served from the Court of Heaven in Jesus name.

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