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  1. This morning the Lord told me to get out my copy of the Constitution of the United States.  He took me directly to the 20th amendment section 3 It makes me wonder if He is trying to tell us something is to happen very soon.  I pray His will and ways will be done!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I know people feel disappointed that Trump lost. However, consider the fact that Biden has NOT (that I know of) been inaugurated. He has NOT taken the oath of office. So he is NOT officially President. Now let’s say that Biden did get inaugurated that does NOT mean all is lost. There is impeachment. There is I think the 25th amendment. There are other means.

    Take the children of Israel when they were at the Red Sea. All hope seemed lost. “This is it! We are all gonna die! We are trapped! There is no escape! Thanks a lot Moses!” What happened? God came through for them and opened up the sea.

    This could be the case here. People think, “Oh no! All hope is lost! Trump will NEVER get in! The Red Sea is blocking our path to freedom!”

    But let us remember…..God came through for them and opened up the sea. Truly if God told people that Trump is going to win…then Trump IS going to win. Period.

    We are at our Red Sea if you will, it seems like it’s all hopeless now. However, with one breath our God can blow the path clear.

    So no, it is NOT all lost.

    Therefore unlike some that are just calling the prophets false cause “Trump didn’t get in!” I’m not going to because there is STILL a chance or more that he will. 

    It’s not over until the fat lady sings and guess what? She has NOT sung yet.

  3. A recent dream with president Trump: I am standing on this platform (center) with a bunch of people around me in a city square. President Trump is coming to this event, and we are waiting with anticipation. I see him coming in a convertible car (the top was down), he was seated in the center with a bunch of people around him. The feeling is that he’s coming to this worship event to join us in celebration, but I just see the back of his head (important). I turn to the band and ask them what worship song are we going to sing. There was a sense of urgency to my question, and I was a bit frustrated that we did not seem fully prepared for this moment. End of dream.

    Interpretation: as worshipers and intercessors, and as a prophetic people, our worship and intercession covers the president and his team even though they appear to be vulnerable. I believe it also means the president and his team are open to our intercession, and our worship to our King. The sense that he was coming to the event, but that I just saw the back of his head means he is present to us in our worship and intercession, but we do not know fully the enemies he and his team are facing and moving through. God has given the intercessors and worshipers a platform, and we are in the center of the battle with the president. We cannot define what the president and his team are facing and moving through at this time, but WE MUST band together to define how we intercede and worship for God’s purpose to come through the president and for our Nation! ALL allegiance and honor to the King!

    • I believe I have some more insight on the dream posted above: I am frustrated with the band that we did not have the song prepared and ready to sing for the event of celebration. Why? What song was needed to be released? Why were we not ready? We were there for an event of celebration and worship, but we were not ready to celebrate and worship. This is important.

      Are we ready to celebrate and worship with the song of the Lord? What does it sound like? King Jesus has brought us to this moment in history, and now is the time for the body of Messiah to band together and bring forth the sound of celebration and worship. This sound I believe will release the King’s high purpose over our president and the Nation. All allegiance and honor to the King!

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