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Upgrade Your Ability to Hear God — 2 Comments

  1. Oh Wow… This is beautiful Dough. I canot express how I feel about this awesome words of wisdom. This is what I am currently doing in my daily life. I am sharing the good news everyday when I’m going to work as a results I see the fruits. When I’m realising God’s word people are srengthned and they are encouraging me to keep on doing great work. Man of God there is no time to play now. Jesus is coming! I will practise what you’re asking us to do. God Bless! AMEN

  2. Thank You Doug for this, I will definitely try this out, My prayer has been Lord I want to hear u more clearly. Thank you for this insight. GOD Bless u Servant of the LORD. Your word posted recently also on how GOD gave u strategies on how to get out of Debt was very helpful, thank u for sharing with the people of GOD.

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