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  1. Bev, recently I too heard “Upheaval”, but I heard “Vacate” first then “Shift” third. I experienced a huge rending two days ago and am still raw from it. Feeling broken. Just verifying… you are speaking of us, not so much the earth planet? Would love prayer from anyone reading this as I am isolated. Much appreciation for this website. Thank you!

    • This particular Word I believe is comparing how an earthquake on the earth can be much like deliverance in our lives. Both bring great change and birthing of a new creation all because of God’s awesome love for us. However this vision was very real and vivid in what I saw, heard, and felt while in it. God definitely makes it real!

      However, I have had visions and Words concerning earthquakes worldwide.  I generally get something when there is talk of dividing Israel/Jerusalem. God has warned several times of dividing the U.S. if Israel/Jerusalem are divided. The area I have seen dividing is right down the Mississippi River or around the New Madrid fault line, which I understand is worse of than the San Andreas fault line.

      Another time I recall earthquakes was when I saw in a vision an earthquake on both coasts in the mountains, but felt to the coasts, and a tsnuami coming in with water covering both east & west coasts. This vision was 10-15 years ago and is similar to some others have posted.


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