The Uprooting of the Trees Dream — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for sharing this powerful revelation.
    Last night in my dream I also heard an alarm went off and saw security came climbing on an outside wall. Another part had a meaning of it is complete.

  2. Thank You dear sister, you are speaking truth when you say these things. Our Lord passionately desires his people ! So much so that he sent his only son to die for our sins and raised him up to be our Faithful priest forever!! And nothing rooted in Christ will remain in the presence of God’s final judgement.that is why Jesus was sent to us!! To save!! But I have seen reports during these critical times, that are misleading people of the faith!

    We have to stand for Kingdom work in the House of God! I have seen teachings that are deceiving the people God that preach that God brings shame and condemnation on his own people to “discipline” them. Lulling many to accept condemnation and thus accept defeat from the enemy because they love God and think it’s from him! They attribute satan’s evil work to God!! This is terrible, for they are defiling the very sacrifice, Our Lord’s saving power in the blood, that can alone save them from such evil work!!! Accepting condemnation when Christ died to free us from such things!!

    This is wrong my brothers and sisters! God is for those that trust in his son’s finished work on the cross!!We have to preach the blood of Christ Saves absolutely! That our work is to trust in God’s saving power, Jesus Our Lord and behold the power of the living God, from whom we receive strength and power to overcome!!

    Please join with me brothers and sister to not encourage such unsound teaching, to pray for those that don’t understand and preach the Good News to cleanse those with God’s word that are wandering away!! Let us pray for protection and peace, good health and prosperity, and overcoming the attacks of the evil one for those that push back against such teachings with God’s truth!!

    To Our Lord Jesus be the glory!!! Praise and Honor and Glory to our King!!

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