Urgent Prayer Request for USA Election!

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Urgent Prayer Request for USA Election!

“Presidential Election Suspended”

While in prayer a few days ago the Father spoke these words to me,  “Presidential election suspended.”

immediately as I began to war in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit lead me to take authority over every hidden agenda of satan that would cause the presidential election to be suspended!

As I prayed in the Spirit I saw the hand of the enemy moving strategically and powerfully upon the hearts of those in law enforcement.  I saw new and secret alliances and agreements being made between top government officials and those at top level positions of the FBI.

Then the Holy Spirit revealed to me that a powerful counterfeit spirit would come to distract the American people and try to derail the election process.

It Has Begun” (9th August 2016)

“It has begun,” says God.In the early hours of this morning I was awoken by sudden and violent jolt.  Immediately I was taken up into the Spirit realm where I heard these words, “It has begun!  

Watch, as I overthrow thrones of darkness and witchcraft.

Watch, as I shatter and annihilate the strength of an ungodly government in this Nation.

Watch, as I overturn the plans of the enemy.  Yes, even the secret plans of the wicked one shall be exposed and rendered powerless and impotent!

Watch, as I drive out those that have opposed My plans and purposes in this Nation.

Watch, as I shake, shift and radically change the direction of presidential race to the White House.

Watch, as My governing hand now moves strategically to realign and reposition even those who are standing as candidates to become the next President of the United States of America.  Many will say, BUT HOW CAN THIS BE?”  says God.

After hearing these words, I was shown a gold signet ring and again I heard a loud voice that said, “America, I will make you like a signet ring, for I have chosen you.  Watch, for I will restore to you a place of authority and honour among the Nations of the Earth once again,”   says God.

Let’s praise God for his divine intervention in this hour.  Let us thank him for bringing a radical shift, a radical turnaround and a radical repositioning in this hour.

Let us continue to pray that every hidden agenda of a counterfeit spirit would be exposed and revealed and that every ungodly alliance and agreement would be broken in Jesus’ mighty name.

Finally, let us pray that God would bring to completion and perfection what he has started in this presidential election.

The Kinsman King

Another Awesome Word from Lenette Lindemann

The Kinsman King:

“In the early morning hours of Saturday October 22nd, I had a vision of Donald Trump dressed in an all white suit, with a crimson red sash draped from his left shoulder that descended across his heart and was secured at the waist.

CrownThere was also a crown upon his head similar to the one that is pictured.

I’m always amazed and in awe at what the heavenly perspective is of our outer Kingdom garments!  As I began to meditate on the vision and do some research I found that the all white suit was a dress white military uniform.  A very appropriate attire for the one elected to the office of President of the United States and given the responsibility of commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

I was honestly surprised at seeing the crown upon his head as our nation is not a monarchy, but was reminded that the Kingdom of Heaven is!

The crown represents the King Cyrus anointing (Isaiah 45) that Mr. Trump carries.  In researching royal crowns, I discovered that this style of crown almost always has a cross mounted upon the center pinnacle.

I believe the royal crown represents that Donald Trump is truly a man of the Cross and the Kingdom.  The crimson cloth in the middle is representative of the color of the Holy Spirit.

Donald Trump has been divinely chosen and appointed to lead our land.  The sash, was at first simply a sign to me that Mr. Trump has been washed in the blood of Jesus and made white.

Today, I received a fuller revelation of the meaning of the crimson red sash covering his heart.  That it is the mantle worn by a ‘Kinsman Redeemer‘! (Ruth 4)  While a Kinsman Redeemer has many responsibilities, one of the primary ones is the ‘defender of family rights’ and the ‘protector of the shedding of innocent blood’!

Donald Trump is the only pro-life presidential candidate!

The Holy Spirit whispered as it is in Heaven, “Donald Trump is a Kinsman King,” so let it be on earth that Donald Trump become the leader and 45th President of these United State of America.

God Bless America and God Bless Donald Trump!

Blessings to you All
~ Lenette Lindemann

A Word for the USA!

A friend John Clements just sent me this word this afternoon.  As I read it, it confirmed many things the LORD had spoken to me about this morning!

Please read prayerfully!

“Do you know why people do not like Trump?  Because he won’t put on Saul’s armor and get use to it.

It will not be politics as usual Washington DC.

Get ready, I AM coming to clean house and clean house.  I will.  You should have stood, but instead you turned your back.  Now I will back him and My angels.  And you who thought it wise to turn and run, you are cowards and betrayers and your time has come.

You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.  For there are no cowards in My army.  There are no betrayers allowed in My camp.  Now I will reveal My hand,” says God.

“And just as the Philistines thought cutting Samson’s hair would disable him and then burning his eyes, and then the day came when they were going to make a joke out of him openly under the two pillars and guess what?!  His strength showed up and he killed them all.

I just want you to know, I AM letting loose My bull in this hour and he has horns and he will not bow to your political correctness, but he will bow to My heart and My will,” says God.

“I AM fixing to surprise a lot of people.

You thought you had him pegged.  Now you will see the reason I AM using a bull for the clean up.

What My people refuse to address themselves, now it will be addressed….!””

by John Clements


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Urgent Prayer Request for USA Election! — 3 Comments

  1. Awesome words! Give us the babies Lord, give us the children, let us be the generation that stops this abomination in our land, and let all other nations follow our lead, until this evil is destroyed!

    The bull in the china shop!

    • I thank God for this on time word
      I felt the Holy Spirit witness this powerful word! God Bless America!!!! Amen! Thank you Jesus!!!!

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