An Urgent Word For President Donald Trump, Europe & the UK


An Urgent Word Concerning President Donald Trump, Europe and the United Kingdom!

America, hear the word of the LORD, Watch and Pray America, for the days ahead for My Anointed in the White House shall become days marked with even greater dangers, toils and snares.

For I tell you, the fowler has set his traps, and the snakes have come out of their hiding and the lion sits patiently in wait to make its move.

Listen!  Pay Attention, for there are those who have secretly planned and plotted against My Anointed in the White House.

Nothing is hidden from My sight.

Surely I tell you, the days of the Wicked in this Nation are numbered, for I AM coming swiftly and suddenly and like a bolt lightning in the midst of the storm that is brewing.

I shall strike down those who have worked a work of darkness and destruction in the midst of you”, says the Spirit of God.

“America, think it not strange in the days ahead, when My Hand begins to move in unfamiliar ways, for truly I tell you My thoughts are not your thoughts and My Ways are not your Ways.

Look Up.  See and Hear what My Spirit is saying in this hour, for there is a swift Work of Redemption, Restoration and Divine Reformation that is coming to My people in this Nation in this hour.

Watch!  For it will begin to manifest mightily in the midst of great uncertainty and unrest in the land.

BUT FEAR NOT!  For My Spirit is now moving in the Fire, in the Whirlwinds and in the Floods that will come.

WATCH!  For I shall take hold of this Nation and I shall Shake it like a dusty blanket and everything that has been concealed and hidden in darkness shall be uncovered and exposed, for the light of My Glory has risen over this Nation,” says God.

“WATCH!  For have I not said that the Year 2018 will be a Year of Great Shifting and even greater sifting both in this Nation and in all Nations of the Earth?

Yes!  My Beloved, My Hand will move to Shift, Sift and Separate, and My Spirit will move to reveal that which has been concealed and hidden for many generations.

For even now, I AM moving to uncover and expose the works of witchcraft in this Nation and even in the Nations of Europe and the United Kingdom.

I shall pull back the covers and expose their works of darkness and destruction. 

Many shall find themselves stripped naked of all their worldly accomplishments and disgraced they will stand before men with nothing to offer and nothing bring.

In a twinkling of an eye, I shall cause the rich to become poor and the poor to become rich.

Truly I tell you in these days, I shall cause the last to come first and first shall come last,” says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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