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Urgent Word of Warning for the United Kingdom! — 6 Comments

  1. Hi all the Lord has permitted us to start a prayer group which has been going since 2016 January primarily to pray against terror attacks over Uk and the nations .
    We need help . Might anyone be interested . We meet the first Saturday of each month at Premier Hotel Victoria.

  2. In the last two months, I believe the Lord showed me both a vision and dream of trouble coming to the UK. I live in America but my husband is British, and I have a great love for the UK. In a vision, he showed me a beautiful teapot that was being heated on the burner of a stove. I could see the burner getting hotter and hotter. I also had a dream of being on the coast of the UK. Floodwaters from inland were meeting storm surge from the sea. I felt like the Lord was saying that trials were coming from both outside and within the UK. I feel an urgency to pray. Grace and peace to you all.

    • Your vision of a שתיון teapot pertains to the שתיון ‘Crown’ of Glory mentioned in Isaiah 28, 62, and Peter’s description of the Chief Shepherd.

  3. Land, legal loopholes, schools, and jobs have been handed over to the children of Islam – it doesn’t need prophetic vision to see where Britain is headed.
    I lived in the middle of the mayhem and moral decline that followers of Mohammed bring to the streets of Britain, and chose to leave this land to the dogs – I suggest those with eyes to see and ears to hear, do the same.
    “Great” Britain is no longer great – not even good.
    Take your Bible and make a way out of the slum that is the UK before you are dragged down with it and lost forever.

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