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  1. Maybe the “superhero” is Eliezer, acting in Father Abraham’s behalf, getting Bride for Isaac, The Friend of The Bridegroom, The Manchild Ministry?

  2. Your vision and Priscilla’s interpretation of this vision, reminded me of what a woman whose newsletters I got for years, said about the Ten Virgins parable.  The woman’s name was Mary Stewart Relfe and she believed the church would go thru the tribulation. She said the oil referred to here (this parable) is provision (both spiritual and natural) since the Holy Spirit cannot purchased. Provision during the Great Tribulation cannot be bought without the Mark.

    • Thanks so much for your comments!  Pris and I often interpret together, so we can share and discuss before the final decision is made, which goes back to the one who received it .  I thought I stated that in thanking her for her help, so I guess I need to be clearer in how I state that. Thanks!  God Bless YOU!!! 

      Yes, the oil is provision in the ten virgins.  Bev

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