Vision of Golden Tickets falling from Heaven

Vision of Golden Tickets falling from Heaven


Golden Ticket image“In the spirit, I saw Golden Tickets falling from heaven”

I then heard: “My glory train is moving and is stopping in many places.”

Then the Lord gave to me the following thoughts:

Each person is being invited to move with him and is being offered a Golden Ticket

Part of the revelation of the purpose of this invitation will come at the first.

The rest of the revelation come to you at the end of the journey.

4 Tests the Glory will bring to your life:

A test of your character.

A test of your dying to self.

A test of learning to love.

A test of your willingness to change.

***Today, I saw the Golden Tickets being given out again…

1.   You are going on a new journey.

2.   You have not been this way before.

3.   You will experience new realities of God.

4.   It begins by stepping into Him, and letting go of your control.
(He is to be in control of your life)

5.   You will have to stretch past your comfort levels, into His.
(He is to be all comfort, security, and peace for you)

6.   You will have to trust Him when you do not know what to do.

7.   You will have to accept as fact what he tells you and believe it.

8.   You just have to walk it out, and let him be it, through you.

When you arrive at the destination he has for you to get to:

The journey refashioned you for the next phase of your life.

Your Golden Ticket will also reveal your new name, his name formed in you, to all


Golden bars of light are streaking across the room (2)During the worship time after the message, I took the following picture of golden bars of lights moving through the atmosphere.

I love how the lord confirms His words!


–  Susan O’Marra

Image provided by Author.

Rev. Susan O'MarraThe Rev. Susan O’Marra of “In The Image Of His Glory Ministries” has been given the mandate by the Father to Raise up His Tents Of Meetings, so she goes wherever the Lord directs her to. Susan shares the Father’s Heart to those who are seeking Him, and the Cloud of the Presence of the Lord and the Fire of the Lord often manifests in the meetings, as the Lord meets with the People. The Impartation of the Spirit is released to all who hunger and thirst for the Lord and who desire to be changed. The Lord is seeking those who are willing to draw near to Him. Susan’s blog site is here.



Vision of Golden Tickets falling from Heaven — 2 Comments

  1. John 16:13 (NKJV)
    However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.