The Lord says: I wait for you every day….


Yesterday I received a Word from the Lord for a Sister in Christ.  I have amended it slightly as needed to share it here with you all.

The Lord says:

“I want to speak with you, My child.  I want to be able to sit with you in the cool of the morning before you starts work and to communicate one-to-one as I have so much to share with you.  Child, take time out from your busy day to spend with Me, together.  Have I not looked after you?”  He asks.

“I have plans for you, but you must come to Me on My terms.  Sit with Me.  Gain understanding to go with the knowledge you have collected.

Times are coming when things need to change, including the Church.  I come soon for My Bride but she is not spotless, she is not ready and she is rebellious.  Help Me bring her to Me in a clean state!

Soon you will see the signs of MY hand over the Church, but by then it will be too late for many.

How many ‘last chances’ does she need to hear MY voice and follow Me?

Yes, child, I have special plans for you in these end-time before I come again, but I need to be in close relationship with you for these plans and your destiny to come to fulfillment.  Seek ME, seek My face, not My hand, not My gifts or miracles but SEEK ME, and seek my FACE.

I wait for you, child, I wait for you every day.”

Does this speak to you?


Blessings in Christ, Angus
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