Vision – “Raiders of the Airways”

This vision, “Raiders of the Airways” by Prophetess Swarna Jha. of Bombay, India was first published and broadcast in 2007 but appears to have great significance and application for America in our present times.


I saw this vision around the end of November 2007….

I saw:

High over America was a vast dome that covered the entire nation.  It looked like a giant spider’s web.

As I looked closely I saw that most gaps had been filled with concrete and the web was now black with dust and dirt.

I saw that there were gaps, through which fresh air came in.

The constant Broadcasting of filth had created the web, but I saw that there were those that did not broadcast filth, and the truth of their broadcasts was preventing the concrete spider’s web from closing up completely.

There was Christian filth and non-Christian filth, being broadcast over the airways.

Those broadcasting the truth, when few wanted to hear it in the nation, were scattered and scant. Their voices were drowned out in the sounds of revelry and filth.

Those who loved the Lord cried out to Him. Resources were scarce, and it was getting lonelier and lonelier being the ‘lone’ voice of truth in America. Oft times people had tried to gag them, other times, the Lord Had had them sit in silence.

Suddenly there was a deafening sound. The dome was caving in.

Raiders of the Airways, from other nations, were air-dropped into America, as were many armors, so that those God lovers, who had been or were yet to join broadcasting/ publish/ or do anything media related, were protected in an armor that was fully fitted to do the Works of God.

As I looked at America, I saw that great changes were taking place in the media.

I saw clenched fingers, held tightly in a fist. This was the fist of those who for years had controlled christian / non-christian media.

I saw a wooden foot ruler (12 inch scale) descend from the sky and rap this clenched fist so hard that the fingers were now no more tightly clenched, but they opened up.  I understood within the vision that monopolies in Media would be broken.

As the fingers unfurled, I understood, that there would be openings for new entrants, or the established smaller ones who were earlier considered ‘inconsequential/irrelevant,’ into every form of media in areas where there had previously been an airtight control.

Underneath the surface, whilst media looked the same from above, below many changes were taking place.  The tastes of many were changing.

Quietly, from within, people were becoming more and more suspicious of media, its style of reporting and the insult to the intelligence of the viewer/ hearer/ reader, by the programming.

Christians and non-Christians were beginning to want something more substantial. Christians were becoming hungry for the Truth.

(I had already typed up to here on 5th December 2007.  Aired on the 2nd of January, in an interview with TRUNEWS,  I shared those parts which I had not got round to typing, but had jotted down the notes on paper)

Continuing with the vision, I saw…….

Those who had been making public their message of truth, in America were the Nathaniels, in whom was no guile.  They spoke forthrightly, and many Americans accused them of being ‘traitors’, ‘blasphemers’ of the system the nation so revered.

The Environment the Nathaniels Were Working in

These remnant in America who spoke the truth at times felt lonely, rejected and many many times ‘threw in the towel’, for I saw a vision flash of the towel being thrown back at the remnant, by the Lord.  God by His Grace had not allowed the remnant to give up, or resign. He Had Kept them going.

But now I saw in this vision that though on the surface American media looked exactly the same as it had done for years, underneath the surface many changes had already taken place and would continue.

God lovers had left the ‘church’ system and were compelled in their spirit to speak out against the lies, the false doctrines, the greedy leaders, the mammonites.  They boldly aired their views and refuted the lies of the church and the government of the nation.

These Raiders of the airways, who constantly preached the truth and fought against the lies aired on TV, Radio, the Internet, the so-called ‘churches’, had by their ministry of countering such ever-increasing lies, slowly but surely found that they were not alone in the desire for hearing the truth.

When these Raiders of the Airways had first begun to fight the lies, they did not do a ‘market research’ to see if there was a ‘market’ for the truth; they spoke, wrote, aired, and shared the truth, because they knew that they knew that truth MUST BE SHARED.

Whilst the dry-ones continued on writing and airing their E-manuals, knowing not EMMANUEL, these Raiders of the Airways, the truth lovers, spoke, wrote, shared, with some urgency all that the Lord had laid on their hearts.  Their messages had been to prepare, to equip the saints for the coming hour.

Many in the land, due to the growing hunger for the truth in people, had grudgingly ‘aired/ shared’ part truth on their forums, radio stations, Internet blogs, sites, forums, fearing like Saul, that if they did not do so the people would leave.

These compromisers had in this way, propagated mixture.  From their platforms they shared false prophecies, and true prophecies, false doctrines and some true doctrines, so when their listeners and patrons heard/ saw/ read their ‘wares’ they became even more confused than before.

Such ‘vendors’ of mixture did not understand that it would have been far better to shut down their sites, forums, radio/ TV. stations than air such mixture.

I saw that those hungry for the truth slowly but surely moved away from those who persistently aired ‘mixture.’

I saw that in America and world over, a process of elimination continued. People who sought the truth separated from the profane, they who were tickled stuck with the filth.

The patrons/ listeners/ readers/ viewers who remained with such as these became contributors of so much filth, that now the moderators/ webmasters and TV and radio station owners, were despairing.

They were trapped in the filth; the monsters they had created were now out of control.

Yet, donations from the undiscerning kept them going, and as they knew no other occupation but to vend filth and mixture, they would drag it as far as it would go. Shutting down or repenting publicly and changing drastically was not an option for these as they had too much at stake.

“As long as the gospel is preached, who cares what methods we use?” is how they consoled themselves.

Some were unaware that a ‘coup’ had taken place, and though they were owners of sites and stations, the employees/ moderators/public who loved mixture had taken over their platforms, without accountability and rendered the webmasters and owners of TV/ radio stations/print media etc., as mere puppet heads of such platforms, which they had once hoped would be for airing the truth.

Such media-platform owners would occasionally rise up, like a drunken man in a stupor and speak or point to some truth but then soon be pushed back into the corner by the public ‘demand’ for mixture.

I saw mixture, mixture, mixture.

Those who had used their media-platforms to vend/send mixture now appeared ‘helpless’ and did not do anything to transform/change.

Repenting, Closing down was not an option for these.  These would continue as long as they could, for like Pilate, they would say to their detractors, “What is truth?”

Strangely, these who promoted mixture became set in their ways and rather wasted precious time and resources warning against those who spoke and aired the truth.  I saw that this they did out of jealousy and insecurity.

Since 2006, I have been seeing infiltrators/spies sneak into various Internet sites/forums. The Pharisees wanted to convert the ‘cheap grace’ preachers and the ‘cheap grace’ preachers, the Pharisees.

Now I saw infiltrators in the governments world over and infiltrators in the Church.

I saw that in the guise of wanting to learn and hear the truth, infiltrators/ spies had even invaded the domain of the Raiders of the Airways.  But the truth lovers, would in due course of time, by godly discernment and godly shrewdness, deal with them….


~ by Prophetess Swarna Jha ©





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