Vision: The Lord’s Table!


Last Saturday, the LORD told me to go visit a Baptist Church’s intercessory prayer group for the morning.  So I called a friend who was in the group to share with her that I felt I was to attend their group prayer for the morning.

She was excited and so was I, as I didn’t have a clue what the LORD was going to do.  I had previously visited their intercessory prayer group, one other time a year or two previous to this, when I was impressed that I had a Word for the pastor and the church.

I have to share with you that I am not Baptist by any means, in fact, my friends and relatives would tell you I am quite the opposite.  But the LORD keeps having me speak at their church Women’s Conferences, go to intercessory prayer groups, and at times attend their services, even though He currently has me connected to an incredible Messianic group!

Further impressing on me that the LORD doesn’t care what denomination you are, as He is not a respecter of persons.  He is looking at your heart and your relationship with Him, so that when you arrive in Heaven, it isn’t going to matter the denomination, because we will all be under His denomination.  We will be In Him.

So I’m here to tell you, let go of the ways of man, and join in with the ways of God.  Do what He tells you to do.  Do not be bound by legalism, religion, or tradition.  Embrace God’s freedom He is offering to you.  Embrace Freedom in Christ!

While driving there, He gave me a vision.

In the vision I walked into a room with a long wooden table.  Jesus was standing at the head of the table.  There were no people there yet. I looked at the table and it was a mess!  Moldy food, dishes all over the place, nasty things left behind, vomit, dirt and much more covered the table, chairs, and floor around it.

I began to weep profusely and felt great shame come on me.  When I could finally talk, I looked up and Jesus was looking at me, with great sadness in His eyes.  I could feel His heart breaking in mine and I began to cry again.  By this time I’m feeling great pain and sadness as it is as if my heart is breaking over what I am seeing before me.  So when I could finally calm down, I asked,  “Why?  What is this?”

Jesus said,  “This is My Table and My Church.  This represents the church I AM sending you to today and many of the churches in the Body of Christ currently.  They gossip, stab each other in the back with malicious lies, they criticize the pastor, and others in leadership, as well as their friends, and for some that even includes those they call their “best” friends.  They know no boundaries, in these areas, so they have covered My Table and My Church with their garbage, making it unfit for anyone to sit at.

I AM after a Holy Bride, one who walks in purity, love for mankind, kindness, compassion, truth and more.  I AM after a relationship with My Bride and My People that knows no bounds.  It will be unlike anything they have ever experienced before.

But they have to be willing to give up their flesh and the ways of man.  They have to give up the backbiting for vindication of themselves, pride of self, and lusting for things that aren’t theirs.  They only get themselves into trouble.  They let the enemy deceive them into temporarily thinking that it will make them feel better.

It just adds to the package that the enemy has given to them signed, sealed, delivered, and accepted by them, the minute they embrace and begin to use those things.  He is using deception, perversion, manipulation, control, deaf and dumb, along with religion, legalism, and Jezebel to weave them into a web that they will not get out of without repenting and asking for forgiveness.”

Jezebel has placed itself within most churches now.  It is thriving for lack of discernment of it and its ways, fear of retaliation from it (that spirit is in both men and women), fear of man, and knowledge of how to get it out.  Jezebel is a main perpetrator of much within the church at this time.  That spirit is found in the book of Revelation.  It is here, growing, and is not is about to go away anytime soon, without seeking the LORD as to what to do about it.

If there is one of those spirits, then there are usually many.  For mamma/ pappa Jezebels can’t do without having their group of worshipers or followers or the babies.  A Jezebel spirit will travel with spirits of deaf and dumb, (so that those who are being affected by this spirit can’t hear the truth of the Word being spoken.  So after a sermon, they won’t be able to tell you a word of what was said.  Their ears were covered to not hear, and their mouth to not be able to speak truth.  But if someone were to gossip in front of them they could tell you every juicy bit of it! They only hear what the enemy wants them to hear.).

Other partners with Jezebel are legalism, religion, confusion, distraction, forgetfulness, mind control, perversion, lust, seduction, lies, deception, condemnation, accusation, intimidation, bullying, infirmity, sickness, disease, poverty, lack, debt, division, rebellion, insubordination, defiance, python, and leviathan.  Oh and lest I forget, Ahab, as it has to have a partner that it has spiritually neutered, so they can do what they want with them, married or not.

Just as with Elijah, Jezebel is there to destroy the prophetic voices in the church and misalign the truth, so when a prophet comes to speak at that church, or a prophetic voice speaks the truth, the one/s with a Jezebel spirit will be the first to call them a “false prophet” or to give every excuse why what they spoke wasn’t on target, or the truth.

They are great at manipulating, controlling, seduction, lying, and deception.  So, in a church where they are trying to take control, they usually have an audience and a group of admirers, thus the table in my vision with all the garbage on it and around it.

Someone with a Jezebel spirit will do everything they can to get into leadership and eventually into the lap of the pastor, so that it can regain the status of royalty it had in the Bible.  Remember Jezebel was a queen in the Bible, so that spirit expects in many ways to be treated as royalty and to have their way in everything.

If you think your pastor isn’t aware of those with the Jezebel spirit, that are within the church, they may not be at this time.  That spirit usually throws a blanket over the one/s in leadership they are hoping to conquer.  Once that happens the person/s with that spirit become the apple of the pastors’ eyes and literally can do no wrong.  So it becomes more difficult to get rid of, which makes it important that you give those persons with the Jezebel spirit to the LORD and not try to take it on yourself.


Some of my favorite books about Jezebel are: I Was Always On My Mind, by Steve Sampson, Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit by John Paul Jackson, and Breaking the Threefold Demonic Cord by Sandie Freed.

There are some YouTube videos available online for those who want to see and hear information, by all three of these authors.  They also all have other books available regarding this and other spirits, however, these are the ones I’m familiar with at this time, that have helped me.

An additional source is which offers free downloads of information and books by Amanda Buys.  When you get to the site, click on “Downloads”, then click on “Overcoming Jezebel, Athaliah, & Belial in the Heavenlies.”  They offer many other valuable resources at their site to help you and your church gain freedom in Christ.

I’m sure there are probably other authors who have written books on this spirit that are very informational to read as well.

My suggestions to the intercessory group I attended were to:

  1. Do not try to take on this spirit by yourself,
  2. Ask God to expose those with a Jezebel spirit to those whom need to know,
  3. Give those with the Jezebel spirits to the LORD,
  4. Ask God to change the hearts of those with a Jezebel spirit, so they would want God more than anything else, and if they don’t want Him more than anything else, then ask Him to remove those with a Jezebel spirit to a place where they can no longer hurt anyone,
  5. Ask God to give you any other strategies that He would have for you concerning getting rid of anything evil in the church,
  6. Be obedient to whatever God tells you to do,
  7. Be sure to include praise and worship daily as part of your worship and warfare.

How do you know you are being targeted by someone with a Jezebel spirit?  Jezebel doesn’t play, and will do whatever it needs to do to win.  So know that the other spirits that partner with the Jezebel spirit are part of its army, and may be used against you, if it is threatened, by anything you would do or say, that it feels is your fault or that is keeping it from its prey.

May God bless you and give you His protection and every strategy you will need in this war with Jezebel so that our table is clean before the LORD.


God Bless You!
Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

Beverly Juelsgaard-FischerGod has allowed Beverly to minister all over the world through the internet, and in person through conferences, church services, and small groups.  Beverly’s heart is to see the Body of Christ walk in the freedom that God means for them, so they can develop a deep intimacy with Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit.  She ministers to others through prophetic words, and other gifts, bringing breakthrough and calling people into a constant pursuit of His Heart to actively hear His voice for themselves and others. Beverly lives near Danville, VA.

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