Visions of Our Corrupt Churches


Yesterday I cried out so much to ABBA about so much that was grieving my heart concerning the Body of Christ, concerning relationships, concerning ministry.

There were times that, even as I was talking to people, my phone just shut down and I couldn’t dial out and ABBA said it’s not the time to talk about these things, because trouble is on its way.

For all those who called or whom I called, and the called suddenly ended, it wasn’t me hanging up my phone shut, it down on its own and would not allow me to redial!

When ABBA wants my attention, He gets it!

As I prayed, the Holy Spirit begin to speak to me.  He begin to show me so many things that made me intercede even more greatly.

The depravity I saw was so ugly, until I literally felt sick to my stomach, as YAH revealed things to me.

I saw the secrets of the people, the hidden wickedness that is not being addressed among the people.

I saw preachers molesting the children and all manner of sexual acts being performed on them.

The Spirit of YAH kept saying,  “They have molested and robbed so many of their identities and have taken away their hope.

They have destroyed their minds and removed their innocence.”

He said,  “Look at them, how they rape the children and then rise up and stand before the people as if they have done no wrong!

See how they beat the people down to keep them from knowing of their issues.”

He said,  “See how mothers and fathers have given their children to their tormentors and have helped to destroy their seed.”

He said,  “Look at this.  It’s the Molech spirit.  The parents are sacrificing their children for position and recognition.

See how the parents are watching, as they attack and use their children in unseemly ways.

Look at how they are taking away the young boys’ identities and are twisting their minds.

Look at how they are destroying the young girls and taking their virginity from them.

See how the parents are watching and laughing and enjoying the misery of their children.”   (Ezekiel 16:20-25)

He showed me places they call the houses of YAH, but as the people were inside and having service, He said to look down.

As I looked down, I saw an area under these places where all manners of evil were taking place.

He said,  “This is what goes on in these places in secret.”

I saw the people entwined together and heard, “They are mating and these spirits are reproducing.”

I saw acts of homosexuality between men and women.  I saw husband and wives trading their spouses.

I saw them drinking and smoking.  As I listened, the foul words I heard coming out their mouths were unbelievable.

Then I looked and I saw this altar.  I saw them bringing different people and laying them on this altar cutting them up.

Then they begin to eat their flesh and drink their blood.

The Spirit of YAH spoke to me and said,  “This is how corrupt My People have become.  They have willingly sacrificed the souls of the people for their own pleasure.

See how they are seduced and brought low by those who use them for their lust and greed.

See how they destroy them after they use them.

See how they have made them to lose their sense of righteousness and have now come into agreement with those who have become morally corrupt and filled with iniquity.” (Jeremiah 7:9-16)

Then He showed me a woman sitting on a large throne and people were bowing down to her.  Whatever she said, they did.

They were kissing her hands and feet and they worship her.

He said,  “See how the spirit of Jezebel has increased her influence among the people.

Look at how they bow to her look at how obedient they are to her.

See how she has become great among the people.  Look at how she rules them.”

She had leashes around the necks of those who served her and she controlled their movements.  They could do nothing for themselves, because she ruled them.

When she spoke, they trembled at her words and were fearful at what they said she could do.

She was full of wickedness but her attire and her beauty was deceptive and many were being drawn by her seductive voice that brought them into captivity to her ways.   (Revelation 2:18-23)

Then I saw a big arena, and in it were so many people.  It look like one of the old Roman coliseums.

As I looked, I saw people being led, chained together like animals, brought before this assembly of men and women who were sitting on thrones.  As they brought these people before them, they begin to bid on them.

They were being sold to the highest bidder, but what was so strange was, instead of these persons being ashamed or afraid, they rejoiced when they were brought by these persons.

I then heard the Spirit of YAH say,  “See, these persons are those who have sold their gifts and their anointings to man.

They have surrendered their wills to these men and women, so that they can have platforms and money.”

He said,  “Look at them standing before them naked.  They know not they are not protected by me, or that My Spirit or anointing no longer rest on them anymore.

See how they have allowed the lust of their eyes and the desires of their flesh to consume themselves.

Look at them, how they have fallen to the control of man.  See how they have sold their souls to men.”

I wept so hard yesterday, until it seems I went into a spiritual depression.

All my strength left me, because of what I saw, and the intense warfare I was in for the souls of the people.

I felt the pain of ABBA as He looked at those who were once His children, being consumed and overtaken by the enemy, willingly.

What hurt me so much was that they participated joyfully in their sins, without remorse or shame.

The desire to want to be accepted by the in crowd was so heavy, until they were making covenants with evil to gain the fame and recognition.

I saw these men come to each of these persons with papers, that was a contract, and they were signing them with their blood, and they did it laughing and clapping and they were saying,  “Now I will be great!”

The impact of these things I was shown while praying, was so overwhelming, but I kept hearing the voice of YAH say,  “Don’t be shaken by what you see or hear, for these things are so, and the people love to have it this way.”

I began to go into heavy intercession, warring beyond any dimension I have ever been in before.

I begin to see thunderbolts being released from heaven, and they were striking these places of evil and was destroying them.

I saw some of the people cry out in repentance, but I saw a massive amount cry out in sorrow, for what they were no longer participation in it.

I heard the voice of YAH say,  “There is a remnant that will be set free! 

Continue to intercede.  Even though I have shown you the hearts of the people, there are yet those who can be reached and who have not completely been turned over to a reprobate mind.”

He said,  “Pray!  Cry out!  Tell the people to run for their lives.

Trouble shall hit the land in great measures.  There will be more hatred, more deaths, more destruction, but i shall spare My People, for they will not be destroyed with the wicked.”

He said,  “Just like in the day of Moses when I sent him to bring My People out and speak to Pharaoh to let my people go and he refuse, and I caused many signs and wonders to take place.

So shall it be now, for I shall show signs and wonders, so that the people can be set free, those whom I have chosen as my own.”   (2 Chronicles 7:14).

He told me,  “Gather the misfits.  Gather the outcasts.  Gather those they say are strange.

Bring forth those whom the people reject and build Me an army that shall go forth on the earth and set those free, who have been chosen to serve Me.”

He said,  “I have set a mark upon those who will be spared when judgment comes.

Tell the people to choose this day, whom they will serve.

Bring them to Me that I may empower them, for the warfare is great, but they will be strong and do exploits in this hour.

For they will know that I AM YAHWEH, the creator of all things, is the only true and living God, that has created the Heavens and the earth.

They shall see My Power throughout the earth as I bring forth mighty signs and wonders to bring My People out and separate them, as I make a difference between good and evil, clean and unclean.”

People, come to ABBA, for He is your only hope for this hour.

If you have not received YESHUA the Christ as your personal Savior, now is the time to do it.

Repent be baptized in Jesus’ Name and receive the Holy Spirit  (Acts 2:38).

You don’t have time to waste.  The hour is not long for the coming of the Son to collect those who will live with Him for eternity.

Will you be ready when He comes?

Don’t let Him catch you with your works undone!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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  1. Thank you for your message, I see this going on in the church today but some who have been away from The Lord are coming back.