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Vortex — Arise! Awake! — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you Dearest Keziah for this powerful words & Holy spirit impact on it. I had experienced lots of supernatural encounters that still have profound impacts on my life & others till date but never knew they were vortexes until I read these words. Father, take me deeper & let me encounter more of these vortexes in Jesus name. God empower you with more Anointing.

  2. Amazing. The Australian cyclone season, 2022-2023, has begun! “A tropical low formed in the far northwestern part of the Western Region on 27 July, an exceptionally early start to the season.”


  3. Interesting!  I dreamed of a fire tornado in my bedroom the other night, the place where I read thd bibe most often.  Then today the Youtube channel Suspicious Observer showed a video of an actual solar tornado in the southwest face of the sun.

    Thank you!

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