Walk And Not Faint


Walk And Not Faint …. that’s if they wait.  Could it be that perhaps the reason some do not want to follow the leading of the Spirit, is that they don’t want to wait?

Their schedule must be followed; things must go the way they were programmed.  What if the Spirit suddenly led to shut off the light shows, unplug all of the instruments and the sound equipment….., and wait?

Some will say, wait on what?  How about, wait on Him?  Just sit still……. and wait.

Or is it that too many might feel that the Holy Ghost is not smart enough to know what to do next?  Might it be, that the one who He wants to sit down, doesn’t want to sit down?

Wouldn’t it be a bit awkward to remember something from the days of the old-fashioned fellowship meeting?  Most every minister there knew that someone had the message the Holy Ghost wanted to give that evening.  The anointing would suddenly fall on one speaking, and everyone knew.

But that was when the moving of the Spirit was the most important thing among us.

Isn’t there a reason why, even here, some make a statement that has rung throughout the ages?  Is it not this, that the Holy Ghost can accomplish more and do more in mere moments, than any of us could do in our entire life-time?

The more we seek to operate in self, the less we remember just how awesome that Spirit really is.  Is it not true that there is no way for us even to describe just how powerful, how mighty, moving and life-changing He is?

How do you actually tell someone, what it is like to be in the presence of the LORD?

You see, we once sang about the most precious things we had.  Is it not still “Joy Unspeakable and full of Glory.”  And even now, the half, has never yet been told.

At this instance, I could just jump up and run down the street, shouting and dancing before Him.  Do you know, something in my spirit tells me, that this is exactly what we are going to see happening more and more.

Doesn’t it make sense, that the closer Jesus Christ comes to returning, the more our spirits reach out to Him?  It’s drawing us.

Those who operate in themselves, without the leading of the Spirit, no longer have the fear of the LORD.  Otherwise, they would not dare to leave Him out of the decision.

They have lost their reverence and awe of Him.  That’s one reason why these self-help programs and all those sermons on how to feel good about yourself, are so very dangerous.  Why?  Because it puts all of the focus on us, and those who are leading such practices.

In doing so, it causes us to forget and no longer take note, on just how majestic He is and all of the wonderful things He has created for us.  What He only, can do.

The true glory of God, can fall upon us at any time.  And it does not have to be pumped up or assisted with men’s inventions.  There is such a difference, when the Holy Ghost settles over a place, and we cannot help but weep.

This, is the deep side, that so many seem to have traded for, what is it called, entertainment. There is nothing like that deep-cleansing He brings. There’s such a gratitude in it; a genuine sense of love and eternal caring. The reality, that He would even consider us worthy enough of such honor and grace.

“He washed my eyes with tears, that I might see.”  It there any real reason, that I cannot wait for Calvary today.

Jesus promised that He would not leave them comfortless.  It was this One, that the Father sent back in the name of that man we call Jesus Christ.  It was this Holy Ghost, that was to lead us and guide us, into all Truth.

Was it not written, that the Spirit, is Truth?  Then why, would we not wait for Him?  Why would we not follow His lead?

In this hour, so many of us do not know which way to go; we can’t find it alone.  I may have been waiting a long time; but I won’t move without Him.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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