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War Is Never Hell in a Kingdom Bunker — 1 Comment

  1. Good insights, dear brother Jim. But… please wait – and let me explain something important: When you are a stranger in a rich nation, as many Christians and Jews are – and you need to survive or even build up at least a standard that is for so many of them is quite normal, and you are being forced and hindered in your daily business, then you have to deal with real stones in the way. Stones out of their bunkers. Real stones also.
    Concerning building up the Wall of Jerusalem (those who are wise will understand): Yesterday I have set 2 or 3 times NEHEMIA 4 public. This is a Holy Scripture about building up, and how then Israels jealous enemies plotted and tried to run this down – influential people deleted it. They deleted this Scripture, as they deleted Jerusalem hymns. So we already have censorship for the sharp and “game-changing” Word of God !
    I do not call them easily enemies. We are in times where most people only want money and success for themselves, while armies of families have to struggle at the existence minimum.
    In Proverbs 30 / 31 is written that a good king must be a voice for the oppressed and poor. For righteousness`sake in the land, and for peace. For a worthy living, all under God`s rules. I thank God – I am not hungry for food any longer, He is a Provider, yes. Times are getting ugly, brethren. Many are in temporarily homes with temporarily Jobs. When those speak or write holy Words of God, because even churches give no shelter or job, even when they have plenty of rooms and money and jobs (for example: big senior houses) and then they are accused and fighted hard – when you have to face struggles at this niveau, then we can reason together. Waiting in the bunker is just a laughter for them. One of the most influential people, Bill Gates, more and more openly trumps out how think-tanks plan to cast down “dangerous” and “useless eaters”. Through vaccines and through deseases, to silence the “mob”.
    I don`t know if they or the holders of this page let me publish this. Anyway – at least please read NEHEMIA 4.
    GOD woke me up at 3 AM.