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Warning for Canada: The Spirit of Death Comes! — 3 Comments

  1. As we know the Lord will give warnings before judgement comes and when we pray and stand in the gap for people and nations He will hold back His hand of judgement. On our Canadian Firewall prayer that has been going 24/7 for coming up 2 years with teams from every province and territory and other prayer groups across the country repenting on behalf of abortion and treatment of our First Nations peoples and for our own personal sins (2 Chronicles 7:14) . Our country is based on biblical values and even on our parliament buildings there are 12 scripture verses inscribed in stone and our national anthem has the the words “God keep our land glorious and free.”
    The Freedom convoy is bringing about unity love forgiveness and I believe is the catalyst to bring about revival in Canada and bringing change in a very corrupt government. I believe God is “in this convoy” and His plan and purposes are being brought to fruition through it. God desires mercy over judgement and would spare a very wicked city for the sake of 10 people. How much more for a nation of about 37 million people.
    God bless Canada and God bless America.

  2. Canada is now in the news, because of the protest by her truckers and others over the “vaccine” mandate. It is a truism to say that this could either go or well badly, and it will ultimately depend on what the Lord allows.  In this sense Canada is in the balance, but I would say that many other nations are also in the same place.  I believe that these nations need to pray specifically against the sin of the abortion. That is, how can the the “born” be spared the medical malpractice of and coercion into taking lethal “vaccines”, if they do not take up their responsibility to fight for the “unborn” who face the similar, lethal, medical malpractice of abortion?  Thus, in praying for this “grim reaper” to go away, we cannot pray that only some lives – ie., of the born – will be spared.

  3. Praise God! Amen! Thank you, so much for sharing! I believe that we may experience what resembles the plagues in the Old Testament and as you mentioned the Lord instructing his people to apply, with Anointing the doors, places of residence with Blood of Jesus Christ.

    God bless!

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