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Warnings: Floods and Submarines Surrounding The USA — 4 Comments

  1. The Lord has also shown me submarines lately. In addition, the Red Dragon, over and over. I believe China is the Dragon and is coming after America, via the oceans.
    The Lord has also been speaking of the shaking, to my son and myself. My son feels it is a great earthquake. As we discussed our dreams and what Holy Spirit has been revealing, I then received a vision of a fruit tree. Suddenly and violently, it was shaken, causing much of the fruit to fall to the ground.
    I believe, the Lord is saying there is both a literal and spiritual meaning to SHAKING.
    Spiritually, His people will be shaken. Suddenly and violently! And if they are not WELL-GROUNDED in His Word and in their faith ~ they will lose their fruit. For some, a portion. For others, everything.
    He continues to speak, “Be sober. Be vigilant.”

  2. An awful lot of your message has been spoke to me also over the years. Strong warnings of war but also floods and tsunamis. We must repent daily, and look only to to the Lord God above! When He speaks we must obey quickly. It is the REMNANT that will hear this message. Thank you.

  3. The above message, represent Miley Betrayal to Earth & America, from February 2020.
    The transparent crystal words, had been sent to our Vessel whom relate full truth
    how things been manipulated after and prior January 2021..! AMÉN..!

    • Father God, protect the minds of your people. In Jesus name, let not the deceit of the enemy continue to infiltrate the church!!

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