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Watch and See How the World Unfolds in the Next Few Years — 6 Comments

  1. I am a truck driver I worked until the border mandates shut me down, I worked all through the so-called pandemic Jan 2020 it seemed I was the only truck on the road. I wore a face mask when asked never got vaccinated, and have not worked since Christmas. My education is a grade 12 diploma, however with my thousands of hrs of over the road work I have listened as a very captive audience to the Bible over and over with only one other voice in the truck to commune with. The span of information from Jesus death to Jerusalem being destroyed no nation of Israel to their being a nation again to the age of the gentile ending and so on, when you chose mat 24 with your prophesy does this sound like a born again Spirit filled serpent handling, bread multiplying, decease healing, coin in the fishs mouth Christian or does this sound like a Job Christian seeking justice from judgement

    • Indeed, this is a plandemic. Absolutely zero health reason to get the jab. Why are churches so silent on this ? Sad state of the church, they just obeyed the insane government tyranny that had and still has nothing to do with health

      • Charles, please focus on the overall essence of this word, instead of divisive elements that seem to separate His people. Peace.

    • Excuse me but while I’m glad that you have studied some and have had a chance to listen to things on the radio about Jesus and His life. I ask that you temper your words and have an ear to hear from the Holy Spirit. Your response doesn’t sound like someone who really know the Lord intimately. I can assure you that over the years I have dealt with many who dispute His words, and others who I know have the discernment to know when something is true or not. I simply ask that you go to your prayer closet and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you. I could have chosen to use other scriptures to help confirm and establish this word, but because part of it addressed the issue of “enduring to the end,” that then I chose to use it. Shalom~

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