Watch!  A Fresh Fire Will Fall Upon God’s Stirrers & Shakers

Watch!  For a Fresh Fire Will Fall Upon God’s Stirrers and Shakers in This Season!


Last night during prayer, I was taken by the Spirit of God into a powerful vision where I saw a fresh fire falling upon the Body of Christ.

Now In this vision, I saw the Father begin to breath afresh upon many in the Body of Christ who were in a place of waiting and watching with great expectation and anticipation for a deeper encounter with heaven.

As I was lifted up in the vision, suddenly I heard the Spirit of God say, “Behold, for the Spirit of Elijah is now moving mightily upon the earth to STIR UP AND TO SHAKE UP.

Yes!  For I AM breathing a fresh fire upon My people and they will be known as My Divine Stirrers and Shakers and they shall go forth in My Name and in My Power to STIR UP TROUBLE FOR THE ENEMY AND TO SHAKE LOOSE THE CHAINS that have kept many bound.

For I tell you now, My Spirit will move without restriction or restraint, for I AM coming to uproot, pull down and destroy the works of religion that have been a stench in My nostrils,”  says the Spirit of God.

“Even now, My Spirit is moving upon the earth.  Watch, for signs of My Comings and Goings shall begin to manifest through even greater Shakings in the earth, Powerful Earthquakes and Eruptions shall begin to increase.

For even as I AM bringing a separation and a clear divide in My Church, so shall I bring a separation and a clear divide in the earth.

Watch!  For My Spirit will move violently upon the waters of the sea and great trouble will be stirred up, Great Tsunamis shall come suddenly upon the earth.

Many will see My Hand move in the heavens and move in the Earth, for this shall be a sign and a wonder to My people that the Spirit of Elijah is now moving strategically, mightily and without restraint upon the Nations of the Earth.

For Now is the Time where a Divine Disruption will begin to MAKE WAY, FOR MY KINGDOM DRAWS NEAR IN THIS HOUR,”  says God.


Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

Veronika West Veronika West



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Watch!  A Fresh Fire Will Fall Upon God’s Stirrers & Shakers — 3 Comments

  1. Awesome POWER,LORD God Almighty Father.Come Lord Come, Let they will be done on earth. Save my soul from the destructions, coming upon the earth.
    I lift up my eyes, for my Redemption, draws neigh. Hallelujah.
    Thank you ABBA Daddy

  2. Thank you very much,Jesus.Thank you very much for the FRESH FIRE falling on your servants to shake nations. Let your will be done. People will see the glory of God.