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Watch Out For The Dogs! — 3 Comments

  1. So true. We need to be aware and in alert of those dogs, male or female. Particulary among the closest “friends”. In bitter envy they bite and spread doubts. Someone called them destiny killers. At least they are often destiny stealers. With their tongues they throw needles and nails, or talk good things down, but ALL GLORY BE TO GOD, HE has the last Word over all their words. In former years I wasn`t strong enough to stand firm against those dogs and cats.
    Brother, your chosen Scripture is right for this time: “For all nature looks forward to that day when the sons of glory will be revealed.  For even in the midst of great darkness my sons will arise.”
    Now Revival has begun for the poorest and unworthiest on earth who were waiting and hoping in eager expectation of GOD`s help.

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