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What About UNITY and How? — 2 Comments

  1. URGENT IMMEDIATE PRAYER! Prayer Alert! Satan and those in charge are going to try to PROVOKE war in the Asian Regions. The Lord of Host! has shown me this, and we can intervene and stop it!

    Pray for Unity far East Asian countries, may they not declare war with each other by the power of the Blood of Christ and of the Holy Spirit.
    Pray that they Unite amongst themselves! And war no matter if civil or nuclear occurs. Pray, don’t doubt just pray.

    Just say this short prayer, God listens.

    Lord, father of Jesus Christ I ask you for peace in the Far East, I ask you for their Unity, not according to mans standards but yours Lord, not human peace, but the peace of the Holy Spirit that surpasses all human and natural understanding. May the leaders of those Nations (North and South Korea, China, Japan any other omitted) have peace and unity despite their diversity. May you intercede most High God, and intervene, that no war amongst them shall arise, for they shall know the truth and it shall set them free.
    In the name of Jesus. Son of the living God, amen. Remember folks its about faith not about sight.

    Please pray that prayer. Thank you


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