What Are You Doing in My Life?


Some people come into our lives to be used as examiners during the test.  They will be the ones who will vocalize what God is dealing with in our lives.  We may miss their vocalizations, because it is not as formal as we would like it to be.  Temporary most of the time.

Some people come into our lives to help us pass a test.  How?  They will keep pointing us towards the right direction through wise counsel.

They may extend their stay, but when they want to leave, don’t hold on them too tightly.

Some people come into our lives to go through the same test we went through before.  They are meant to learn from our experiences, but often they prefer to have their own experience.

Advice: Let them experience it if they want it.

They may also be temporary, but often end up longer because they don’t realise they are in a test which you could help them pass.  They are frustrated half the time, but they are blinded from seeing you as a helper.

Some people come into our lives to make us repeat a test that we keep failing.  Yes, something God is trying to teach us, but we just never get it, so it has to be repeated.

God doesn’t mind keeping us in the same grade till we pass that exam.

Some people come to help us fail a test.  They look good from afar, but are far from good, because their motives for connecting with us, are wrong.  They are opportunistic and will be good only when it benefits them.  They are just tools of the enemy who take us through unnecessary circles.

When there is a test, there will be men whom God will use and men the enemy will use too.  Understand what role each man plays in a test.


Esther Hadassah
Revivalist & Apostolic servant of Jesus Christ

Esther HadassahEsther Hadassah is an apostolic minister and an end-time revival preacher.  She has been serving in full time prophetic ministry for the past three years.  The LORD has called her to preach the message of the holiness and repentance and to set the captives free.

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