What Did The Spirit Know?


Our natural view, is very limited.  It’s not certain, how so many gravitated to their own understanding of God’s ways.  We did not start out, with a lack of teaching.  I can testify, that there were many gifted men in the early days of the church here.  I saw a lot of them in my former times; some, were not very well educated.  Their speech was not polished and they were not great orators; but, they had a dynamic kind of prayer life.  They were known, for how much they prayed; and sought God.

Many people here [Facebook] like to talk about a shift, in the spirit realm.  I would like to address, a different kind of shift; a shift away, from what the early church had.  And not just the church over yon that spread from the Upper Room; but also the early days of the church here.

I’m so grateful to the Lord today, for the things I saw back down the path; when the move of the Holy Ghost, was the most sought after event, in every service.  I don’t say this harshly; to me, all of this worked up man-made stuff we see now, is very boring.  I can’t help that; and the music; Oh Lord, what truly anointed voices we had.

I realize today, that the Holy Ghost knew, just how things were going to go, as time went on.  Many of us were shown the real, intense moving of the Spirit, for a reason; it was ordained, that our paths should cross, the real thing.

I can also testify, that about 30 years ago, in the group I was a part of, the Holy Ghost raised up certain teachers, and prophets, to minister to us about the deeper things of the Spirit.  Such a mighty move it was.  It was declared, that authentic, and full apostolic renewal was about to come down upon us; the five-fold ministry would be restored in full, and all of the gifts of the Spirit would return, in all of their glory and manifestation; totally.

The Spirit, knew that was not going to happen.  But many of us, had a good taste.  See, many of us prayed, and fasted and studied the Word; and we reached for it, with everything we had; we were often on our faces, even night and day.  I don’t know how many of us got pushed out.  But again, the Holy Ghost knew that was going to happen too.

Hear me now; we had not been taught how to survive outside the walls of the buildings we had been in.  In fact, most were told, they would be lost, even go to hell, if they left.  I don’t want to sound curt; but, the Holy Ghost knew that too.  He knew, that so many of us, would embark upon a journey, that we had never expected.

I would feel safe in saying that most of these found out first hand, that the gifts they had been given by the Spirit, were never going away.  They have also learned their calling wouldn’t either.  The Holy Ghost kept teaching.

I honestly, thought it was all over.  But I am telling someone today, that the Holy Spirit of God, knew what was inside of each one of us.  How powerful and wonderful it was, to discover in reality, that God, still looks on the heart.  There’s an end coming; and it is going to take everything the Spirit has taught us, to survive what happens in the meantime.  The last days.

Every step we took, each and ever test, and even every failure, was part of our preparation.  We didn’t know that; but the Spirit did.  He also knew, that no matter what had happened to us, wherever we were in our lives, that when He called, we were going to answer and respond.  And we are.

We can’t help but answer; it’s just part of who we are.  He should know; He put it there.  The Spirit knew, many would turn away from deep spiritual depth, and that self and worshipping other things, would gradually, take its place.

The Spirit, knows where it’s all heading.  And He knows, what to do about it.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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