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  1. What about a breech baby? I just had a dream last night Dad I was pregnant and a profit that we just fed was the doctor. He said that I was almost ready to give birth but that the baby was breech. Then I woke up.

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      What about a breech baby? I just had a dream last night *that I was pregnant and a prophet that we just met was the doctor. He said that I was almost ready to give birth but that the baby was breech. Then I woke up.

  2. Good morning I have been having dreams back to back but the 2 most recent are I went to a place and saw beautiful glass dishes and I was collecting so many, different sizes of bowls. They were so beautiful.  And my last night dream I had was I give birth to triples but my late grandmother was present and my husband was not around when I give birth but I was over joy. Please let me know what these,means.

  3. I dont think you are entirely correct Mr Doug. I had a dream that my brother had a baby. The baby was a newborn little girl and she was lying in a bed in our mother’s house. In reality, my brother had gotten his fiancée pregnant and they had a little boy 6-7 months later. God was showing me my brother had a son on the way. I can say that dream was literal, the sex of the baby was the opposite of what i has seen in the dream and his fiancé was pregnant at that time when the Lord showed me the dream. As a matter of fact she had just found out herself. Amen.

  4. Good morning my name is sheree and i would like it if you can help me understand 3 dreams i have been having.

    1st dream
    i dream i am pregnant or get a pregnancy test that is positive. i have been getting these dreams all year every week or so before my period and then i get my period.

    Second dream
    i dream that there are Twin baby’s in the street and i pick them up and take them home they become my children i then go to a house that human traffic babys take all the babies and close the house down.i know there is more houses but i am happy for the one that i closed down.

    3rd dream. This is a important one for me, normally i dream about a pregnancy test or being pregnant by this time.i am 5 days away from my period.

    i dream that there is a women and men breaking into my property.the men and women go to the garage that is empty there is just a sofa in there. the lady lays down and is in labour. they see me looking at them by the window and they go to the back porch i go outside and ask my husband to boil water i put on gloves and deliver the baby, the baby has a the cord around its neck and i remove it and get the baby to breath. the mother gets up and walks away the other 2 men with her is also gone. the mother still has the afterbirth in her. she leaves the baby with me. i wake up and clear as day hear God say find out what this dream means.

    a little back story:
    8 years ago i had my fallopian tubes tied and have been praying to God for a baby girl. i have looked into foster care and got turned down. i have looked into adoption and its to expensive and got turned down. i have asked God for a baby out of my own womb and it has been confirmed that i will indeed get a baby girl 4 years ago. i have tested last month and have gotten my period. any insight word from God will be greatly helped.

    Love and Regards

  5. I had a dream about assisting a women giving birth.  I was giving accolades from people surrounding this birth.  I then suddenly am in a bus driving.  I am not dressed properly and very vulnerable and trying to figure out how to cover myself. I am worried the bus is going the wrong way.  It suddenly takes a turn in the right direction.

  6. Amen, I had a dream last year I gave birth to Triplets :-) I said Lord am I going to have Triplets :-) Thank u for Confirmation and Clarity Prophet Doug.

  7. Daniel 1:17 (AMP)
    17 As for these four youths, God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom, and Daniel had understanding in all [kinds of] visions and dreams.

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