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What Does a Liver Look Like? — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Jim
    Thankyou for being a liver in the fold.I (We) need you
    And what a blessing you are….
    All parts are so desperately Needed.
    Much needed message to the Body of Christ.
    God Bless you

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus for everything. Dear Jim, I would never want to hurt you or the others, I was explaining why I sent a blessing and I do love you all dearly. In fact, I also prayed with Nicky once so I have a special love for you. Since then I have been a succesful woman until 8 years ago when my cluster headache became chronical and I got severe asthma and all that comes with it. I am walking in the truth and write you when God commands me. And no, I am a mere human seeking God, but some day the Lord lead me to your website and comfirmed that, so I have been eating the food you all have written, prayed for Israel and praised the Lord “together with” Paul Wilbur. I wish you and the rest of our dear sisters and brothers a happy thanksgiving day. Nehemiah 8:10. Lucia Ludvigsen