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  1. Amen! All honor and Glory to God. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord.

    This midnight 9/11/2020
    Suddenly heard: TRUMP IS FINISH!
    Then they can do nothing to him, he is finish.
    Then Psalm 29 then Psalm 27

    Then Florida is finish!
    Then Trump has won!
    Then heard him say I am done!
    Then later RESTORED!
    Then he is honored!
    Psalm 27 – MY STRONGHOLD


    BEFORE THIS I REBUKED obama and kamala who were trying to walk back from west (end) to east (beginning).

    Morning the adult face baby they had put at SouthWest corner where Trump came with face and head full of whitish ( marine spirit) was removed. The bride who descended and they ripped off the crown and put an off white or cream cap was also thrown in fire and bride got her crown back on her head. A flag white with two blue bars on was also replaced by Israel flag.
    Trump was finally in three different shirts the tan/orange , purple with white collar and yellow one. This I believe are three anointing.
    ( I believe he was still in the process when they tried him)
    So much will update when go back to notes. A plane bluish flew from South West corner up towards South East.

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