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What Is True Submission Before The LORD? — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Adams for your comments. Yes it is so true what you spoke about “Submission being a prerequisite in every facet of our lives as it touches all”… etc.
    God wants a submissive people to His Will and His ways.
    He wants to bless us and not hurt us. God bless you, son.

  2. Mama, thanks for these beautiful write ups with clear scriptures for further explanations. I want to add that submission is a prerequisite in every facet of our life as it touches all (God, elders, children, husbands, wives etc) with none exempted & as such none excusable! The challenges we are facing today in the world is because of mankind’s lack of submission to God & rules(authority) of the land. Also,thanks for shedding more light on the danger of harsh (corporal) punishment on children especially when parents are angry. Lots of caution & wisdom needed here. May God help us all to be submissive to God & man in Jesus name. God bless you Mama with more Grace.

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